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Malaysia Airlines to Launch New Rules for Babies and Kids

Malaysia Airlines to Launch New Rules for Babies and Kids

Starting July 1st, children under 12 years old will no longer be allowed on the upper deck of some Malaysia Airlines flights. The airline has also stated that babies will not be welcome in its first class cabin. 

Last year Malaysia Airlines CEO Tengku Azmil posted on Twitter that the carrier received "many" complaints from passengers who buy expensive tickets for first class, but then can't sleep due to crying children. 

Families with children will still be able to sit in the lower deck's economy class section. Malaysia airlines is branding this 350-seat section as child-friendly, with facilities such as eight toilets and its own entrance. 


Read the full story at the Daily Mail.

Do you think having kid-free zones on airplanes is a good idea?

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Jennifer67174 Jennifer67174 5 years
I think its great to I have a kids to but when i was 12 i had to take that 16 hour trip on a plain i hated it kids were sat everywhere and crying yelling and so on man kid friendly area im up for it lol i would just like to know where that was at haha so if i dont have my son i wouldnt sit close hehe
PatriciaZenteno PatriciaZenteno 5 years
I think is not that bad. If you sit in the child-frirndly section no one can tell you anything or complain about your child.And if you don't like the airline... choose another! :)
JustineSmith39825 JustineSmith39825 5 years
If you can afford to pay for you and you baby to fly first class you can probably afford to pay for the nanny to be in economy with the baby while you chill out in first class - win-win! ;-)
tarajeewilliams tarajeewilliams 5 years
hell no. especially being i have to pay full price for a seat for my daughter. thats crazy!
TheresaSchlacterKelly TheresaSchlacterKelly 5 years
I'd rather sit near a child behaving like a child than the multitudes of adults on flights who behave like children. May be they could be banned too?
JessieWells94081 JessieWells94081 5 years
Yes I have to say that I agree. I have a 5 & 3 yr old and about to have a baby in a couple of weeks, if I was able to have a holiday with out my children and was in a position to fly first class I would want to know that I could relax and enjoy every bit of it. I wouldn't be offended sitting in economy when traveling withy children, cause in general they are quite well behaved but flying on a plane is pretty boring for them and they get noisy and restless. If I had paid thousands for a ticket I wouldn't want to hear it especially if they weren't my own lol :)
AshleyPerez AshleyPerez 5 years
Children under 2 I understand since most airlines allowed to child to sit in a parents lap, but if I were willing to pay for my child to have their own seat in first class then they shouldn't say anything. Next they will be banning people who snore to load.
kerrymargereson kerrymargereson 5 years
Yes I do think it is a good idea I have a 2 year old and I no if I was traveling with out him then the last thing I want is to hear some other child screaming or crying if I was travleing with my son then I would totaly understand if we had to sit somewhere else.
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