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Mall Gives ID Slap Bracelets to Shoppers With Kids

Mall Security Uses '90s Toy to Help Lost Kids

Shopping with kids can be tough, especially if your child loves to run off. And when kids disappear in a crowded place like a mall, the experience for parents can be downright terrifying.

To help reunite lost children with their parents as quickly as possible, security staff at Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento have devised a clever solution involving a popular '90s toy: slap bracelets!

Watch the video to see how slap bracelets have become a lifesaver for parents and mall security alike.


Read the whole story (News10)>>

Would you put this type of bracelet on your child while shopping?

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CoMMember13610213567328 CoMMember13610213567328 4 years
add a GPS chip to it and have mall tracking.
LeaArenas LeaArenas 4 years
So don't put the child's name on it. All they need is a cell number to contact the parents anyway. When the parent arrives it will be obvious who they are. How about keeping the little ones in the stroller and teaching those that are too big for the stroller to stay with you? Also, how about actually keeping an eye on your kids? It's called patenting. If you cannot do it, leave them with a sitter.
EmilyHineline EmilyHineline 4 years
cute... except it doesn't work if the child won't keep it on, it won't be good if someone finds the child and looks to see their name and encourages them to go with them, and it doesn't solve the problem a simple leash would solve.
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