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Man Must Pay Ex-Wife $14,000 for Lack of Sex

Man Must Pay Ex-Wife $14,000 for Lack of Sex

How much is two decades of sex with your husband worth?

According to some, about $14,000 is a reasonable amount. A Frenchwoman has sued her ex-husband for 10,000 euros because of lack of sex during their 21-year marriage. As The Telegraph reports: “The ex-husband claimed ‘tiredness and health problems’ had prevented him from being more attentive between the sheets.”  

The judge has ruled in the wife's favor, deciding that a French civil code requiring married couples agree to a "shared communal life" implies that marriage includes sexual relations.

Read the full story here

Do you agree with the judge's ruling?

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ReginaAnn ReginaAnn 5 years
are you kidding? the number of women who suffer emotional and physical abuse - not simply lack of attention, but actual abuse. what can they sue for?
HollyMoreaux HollyMoreaux 5 years
this is beyond awesome!
PatienceJohnson PatienceJohnson 5 years
I have to admit it does sound a little funny, but no I definitly do not think this is a good ruling. You don't have to have a lot of sex to have a good or bad marriage
CoMMember13631167255975 CoMMember13631167255975 5 years
I would say that judges and governments have no business whatsoever in peoples bedrooms PERIOD!
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