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Man Sues Wife For Giving Birth To An Ugly Baby

Man Sues Wife For Giving Birth To An Ugly Baby

Does your partner know what you really look like? A lawsuit in China has sparked international debate over the impact of plastic surgery on relationships. A sympathetic judge there awarded Jian Feng $120,000 in damages after he sued his ex-wife for giving birth to what he called an extremely ugly baby girl.

Feng divorced his wife last year after discovering that she had had over $100,000 in plastic surgery before meeting him. Although he claims he loved her when they married, he felt deceived by her appearance and the promise of an attractive child.

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Image Source: Flickr / vanguard via iDigitalTimes

Vanessa14832110 Vanessa14832110 4 years
If that is the real pic of the baby, she is very cute! And that man is a bleeping Idiot, love is love, unconditional and beauty is on the inside, what a sicko! It's probably best for momma and baby to get away from him, but shame on the judge, especially after the confirmed paternity test, let's go back to science class and learn about chromosomes
riaobedoza riaobedoza 4 years
he must remember that the child is also his, and not his ex-wife's alone...and the baby isn't ugly!
BeverleeAdamire BeverleeAdamire 4 years
Oh, and btw, if that is a pic of the baby...what exactly is wrong with her? She's a fairly cute baby-in my opinion. Trust me-I've seen worse, but in God's eyes, all babies are beautiful!
BeverleeAdamire BeverleeAdamire 4 years
The fact that she had plastic surgery should not matter. Just because you are ugly or beautiful, does not mean that you are going to have ugly or beautiful children. Just like you could be a genius, but your child could have mental disabilities, or vice versa! I've seen couples that were very good looking(WITHOUT plastic surgery), but had kids that were just plain/average looking(don't want to be mean or an ass like this guy obviously is!), and I've seen not-so-good looking people have gorgeous babies!
reneeewington23789 reneeewington23789 4 years
that is pathetic
StephanieLayman StephanieLayman 4 years
Does he not realize it very well may be the cause of his bad genetics? Either way~ this is a beautiful life that has been shunned b/c she wasn't "pretty enough" for him. This is a negative example for any child when they feel they are not good enough~appearance, ethnicy, $ class, ect. I really don't have anymore words for this mess!
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