Recall? Who cares?! When recalls are announced, some people run back to the store to get their money back, but others keep on keeping on with their less than perfect goods. Such is the case with many a Maclaren pushing mommies. As I strolled about town yesterday, I couldn't help but notice the dominance of the British buggies rolling around in San Francisco — yours truly included. All different models with varying ages of children made their way through small spaces and tight sidewalks. While some mothers might have stopped using their recalled models, some clearly have no problem pushing the popular, if hazardous, strollers. When asked about their continued use, some declared they were more cautious when folding and collapsing it because of the hinge issue. Others said they called for the hinge repair kit while others threw caution to the wind saying there are probably dangers with every pushchair on the market... touché.

Are you taking the recall to heart or just using your stroller with caution?