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Martha Stewart's Grandchildren's Playroom and Nursery

Get a Sneak Peek Into Martha Stewart's Grandchildren's Peaceful Nursery

The first thing the eye is drawn toward in Jude and Truman's playroom is the open shelving lined with an enviable collection of wooden toys in primary colors, but the room isn't just about the toys. "It wasn't really designed as a kids' playroom," says Sharkey. "It's where we all meet and hang out. It was supposed to be pleasing for adults, too."

To do so, Stewart added a sofa, a loveseat, two chairs, and a big coffee table to the room (not visible in the photos) to make the grown-ups more comfortable.

To make the room functional for adults, she chose an under-cabinet that provides a lot of room for storage and a corkboard for displaying a variety of things. "The corkboard is useful, and there was always the idea [that] as the kid got older, [things] would end up on that corkboard," Sharkey adds. "Alexis and I both have corkboards in our houses — inspiration boards and things like that — so corkboards are not something that we just relegate to a kid's room; those are the sort of things that travel with you through life."

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