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Massive Recall: All Infant Tylenol Pulled from Shelves

Massive Recall: All Infant Tylenol Pulled from Shelves

Giving your baby over the counter fever medication just got scarier.

Johnson & Johnson is pulling all infant Tylenol off the U.S. market after 17 parents and caregivers reported problems with the redesigned bottle's dosing system. A total of 574,000 one-ounce bottles of grape-flavored liquid Tylenol for infants are affected by the recall.

The recall is the latest in a long series for J&J; a total of 25 Tylenol products have been pulled from the shelves since September 2009.

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What do you give your kids for fevers?

Image Source: Alamy via Huffington Post

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KenyaWade KenyaWade 5 years
I cannot believe that this!Tylenol has been here forever and now because PARENTS don't know how to read they are gonna pull it from the shelves.It is ridiculous!! If the parents are overdosing their kids on tylenol,maybe they should'nt have kids!I could understand if it were a prescription med,actually no,I can't even really understand that unless the doctor writes the wrong dose which does happen and has happened to me but common sense told me this dose looked way too much for my baby so I called and asked 1st insteadt of endangering my boy.That's another problem,parents think they know everything and do not ask questions when they need to.It really amazes and angers me how people can be so dumb when it comes to their own children,if I have the slightest doubt or am not 100% sure,im gonna ask before I take the chance on hurting my child and I think alot of parents need to wake up and do the same!!
pixiedust8 pixiedust8 5 years
It's absurd that there have been so many recalls and whatever agency is regulating over the counter meds (FDA, I assume?) does nothing. It should be criminal.
MaryMcmahon MaryMcmahon 5 years
Can anyone tell me what this drug would be called in the uk?
RachelBurrell RachelBurrell 5 years
I am mind boggled that this is actually an parents really need a flow restrictor to be able to dose correctly? READ the directions, and if you still don't understand something ask a doctor or pharmacist. I personally use tylenol (or the generic brand), as I find my daughter responds better to it, than advil. There is no problem using OTC medications, as long as they are used when needed and in the correct manner that that are meant for.
JackieMukiibi JackieMukiibi 5 years
Just FYI, not all store-brands are the same as the brand name. If you notice, some off brand meds use High Fructose Corn Syrup.
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