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Maternity Bodysuits by Bashful Bump

Bashful Bump Keeps Modest Mamas-to-Be Covered

There's a little dance that pregnant women do to keep their pants up and their shirts tucked in as their bellies continue to grow. It starts with a wiggle and ends with a lift of the pants, and if you ever walked behind a mama-to-be in her final months, you're likely to see her do it repeatedly.

After spending countless hours doing the dance, Amy Naylor had enough and designed Bashful Bump ($68), a line of traditional bodysuits made to fit the pregnant woman. The four maternity garments keep underwear hidden beneath the lowest-rise jeans and don't creep up as women move about. The bodysuits connect with a strategically placed panel of snaps — higher than the traditional bodysuit — so mama can reach it even when she can no longer see it. Would a maternity bodysuit be good for you?

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MissSushi MissSushi 6 years
Oh, It sounded like they were only for underneath, but as the top they sound really great actually, and I went to see the other ones.. The thought of wearing them with a billowy skirt is really appealing. I might try these if we have another.
WhitneyC WhitneyC 6 years
I love my bodysuit! I'm 36 weeks pregnant and it's 82 degrees outside...all I plan on wearing for the rest of my pregnancy is my camisole bodysuit and a skirt! I love how it covers my whole belly and that it has super easy snaps for using the bathroom (the snaps are at the base of my belly, not in the groin area. Brilliant!!).
ApronMama ApronMama 6 years
I actually own and have used the Bashful Bump bodysuits - I LOVE THEM!!! They have been an absolute staple in my pregnancy wardrobe from beginning to end. My favorite part about them is they are so soft and comfortable, not itchy like some belly bands and the like that I used to try and cover my growing belly. The Bashful Bumps were great on their own (the three-quarter sleeve suit paired with my favorite jeans made me look downright sexy!) and the cami suit was a MUST for under blouses or on it's own on a warm day. The material is such high quality that you don't need to wear something over it - they are not 'underwear', they are tops. You can use them under something or alone, which is what really made them a part of my almost daily wardrobe. I noticed a few previous comments from people who were concerned about being overheated by an additional layer if worn underneath something else, but I can testify from first-hand experience that I always felt completely comfortable wearing these under another top. In fact, I was far more confident in my appearance because it made my outfit feel more complete and I knew that my belly wasn't hanging out for the whole world to see. I'm four months post-partum now and still wear my smaller suits (I'll lose these few extra belly pounds eventually!). You've got to try them - I know you'll love them as much as I do!
aembry396 aembry396 6 years more layers and imagine having to snap that every time you needed to go to the bathroom! Preggo girls have to go all time time and the only good thing about that is that you don't have to deal with buttons and zippers with your pants!
MissSushi MissSushi 6 years
lol, im so freaking hot when I'm pregnant that despite being pregnant through winter twice, I only wore a coat when it was below 20 degrees out and the wind picked up. I could never add anything else. I guess its good for people using their old clothes with those bands.. but i wish more people would try out maternity clothes. They have the samekinds of jeans you were wearing before, just with comfortable waistbands that you dont have to worry about rolling down/off. Carrying around that baby is no time to skimp on comfort.
runningesq runningesq 6 years
More clothes/ layers? No thank you ! How on earth does a pregnant woman tuck in her shirt?? My maternity pants/ skirts all have elastic waistbands... I'm not tucking my shirt into elastic!
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