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Maternity Hanky Panky

Bringing Sexy Back: Hanky Panky

Nothing makes a pregnant woman feel sexier than a good old worn out pair of cotton granny panties, right? Wrong. While comfort is key for the nine months and beyond, sacrificing your derrière’s appearance is no excuse. The creators of the fabulously popular Hanky Pankies have made their way into maternity wear.

Much like their original undies, these stretchy lace skivvies suit most any body type to perfection. Leave the spare tire at home and forget about muffin top issues when you sport a pair of the maternity Hanky Pankies ($28) from Pea in the Pod. Fitting just below the expanding belly, the panties lay flat on your midsection and leave the tush looking perfectly seamless. Available in flirty colors, your other half will find these a welcome change from your Hanes Her Way bloomers.

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miogie miogie 8 years
You can find these hanky panky panites at a pea in the pod:
luckyme luckyme 8 years
Ditto to the girls that say they wore their same underwear. Everything fit me just fine...the only time I bought new underwear was for just after delivery. I didn't want to ruin all my pretty panties with the yuck.
macgirl macgirl 8 years
I wore my regular thongs all the way to almost the end when I developed other pregnancy "things" that made the thongs not tolerable. My body is getting back to its regular shape but my thongs may never be the same again ;-)
CrazyMother CrazyMother 8 years
Love this. Send it to Sex and the
Evalicious Evalicious 8 years
I don't get it. I wore my underwear my entire pregnancy - lacy, racy and plain ones. It was one less maternity thing that I needed to buy to wear for only 3+ months. I WAITED until afterwards and bought crazy sexy ones for my back to normal size.
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