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Maternity Wardrobe Spending

Growing Bellies Haven't Been Hit by Budget Cuts

Even the wealthy seem to be watching their wallets in this time of recession. For expectant mamas, the economic fallout may be a bit harder since their growing bellies require larger clothing to cover them.

Once a mama has extended the wear of her pre-pregnancy clothes, she’ll likely head to the stores for a few new maternity frocks. Despite many Americans pinching their pennies, major maternity retailers told us that they have not seen any evidence in clients reducing their spending this year in comparison to last. While bump baring women may not be running out to buy $1000 skirts, both Destination Maternity, which includes higher-end A Pea in the Pod and more budget conscience Motherhood, and Isabella Oliver said their sales are consistent and their most popular items still are selling well.

Have you reduced your maternity wardrobe budget?


MonkiChriz MonkiChriz 8 years
I'm about halfway through my pregnancy and to compensate for my belly, I've purchased 2 belly bands ($5 each, ebay, new), 1 nursing bra ($15 Target), 1 work pants ($5 clearance Target), and 1 pair of Liz Lange jeans ($7 Goodwill, new with tags). I'm the first of my friends and family to have kids so no hand-me-downs for me. I haven't worn the new pants yet (they're a little too big) but I hope I don't have to get more stuff! Saving money on clothes is a great incentive not to go overboard with the pregnancy cravings. =)
abump76 abump76 8 years
I was able to get by with regular shirts one size larger than my pre-pregnancy size but the pants were another story. I ended up buying three pairs of pregnancy jeans, 2 from A Pea in the Pod and one from the Gap. I tried to get jeans at Old Navy but even the smallest sizes were too big for me. I was able to get a couple skirts from there and one pair of cargo pants. I tried to buy tops that I can hopefully wear after the pregnancy. I was going a little overboard at one point and definitely cut back on my spending. Now I'm in week 38 and nothing really fits anymore. I've resorted to wearing my hubby's t-shirts which I didn't think I would do but at this point I'm home on maternity leave so nobody sees me anyway. I actually feel like I dressed a lot cuter and was more put together during pregnancy than I was pre-pregnancy. Looking back I wish I wouldn't have spent quite so much but after talking to friends I don't feel so bad about the amount I spent.
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 8 years
I did have to buy new clothes with this pregnancy since, my last pregnancy went through winter, and this one is going through summer. I had to buy new swimsuit, which wasn't a maternity one so I can wear it next year, some shorts, a couple of skirts and a few nice tops. I had to get support hose to wear to work and actually those cost the most out of everything else I've gotten. Then I have to invest in all new nursing bras. So I've had to spend more on clothes this pregnancy than my last, since I quickly outgrew many of my pre-pregnancy clothes.
Evalicious Evalicious 8 years
I am a shop-aholic and had planned out my maternity wardrobe to the t, with every item that I had to have. But then I did not really "pop" until I was 7 months along and my husband sat me down and said, "I realize you want to look like yourself while you are pregnant. But do you really need to spend $200 on jeans that in 2 months will not fit you?" That was my eye-opener. I survived with these items: 1. Guess jeans in my pre-preg size. Worn with a Bella Band. 2. Black jeans in my pre-preg size. Worn with a Bella Band. 3. Black Dress slacks in my pre-preg size. With a Bella Band. 4. 4 V-neck T-shirts from Motherhood Maternity (White, Black, Light Blue and Cream) 5. 2 White Poplin Button Down shirts from Motherhood Maternity. 6. 1 Black Jumper Dress - 1 size larger than my pre-preg size. 7. 1 Black Shift Dress - 1 size larger than my pre-preg size. 8. 2 Trench Coats - one black, one khaki, already in my closet. 9. 10 pairs of maternity underwear and thongs 10. 2 nude Nursing Bras 11. 1 bright Fuchsia formal dress (worn once, eight days before I was due) I bought only the tops and dresses as I needed them for specific events. It was smart and did not cost a lot of money. Afterwards, my husband waited until I had lost all the baby-weight and gifted me with all the money that I would have wasted on preggy clothing.
Beauty Beauty 8 years
If I'm ever pregnant, I'll probably just wear some loose tees and men's shirts over stretchy pants. Most of my friends have gotten away with doing that, and they saved money by doing so.
meandtheo meandtheo 8 years
i did not buy a single expensive maternity item...if i have a party to attend i just buy a flowy dress from a regular store. for my first pregnancy i spent some money on my dress for my shower (marc Jacobs) and then paid for alterations to the dress after my daughter was born so i could were it when i was not prego. i agree that maternity clothes are a wast of money...the longest you wear them in 6 months, if you are lucky, and i just can not justify it. i went to old navy and motherhood for clothes to wear in my last trimester.
Chouette4u Chouette4u 8 years
I bought a lot of my maternity wardrobe from Old Navy. It's made pretty cheaply, but I only needed it to last a few months, and it did. I also bought two nice dresses fro, Japanese Weekend Maternity and I had a few nicer tops from Pea in the Pod.
Moms Moms 8 years
I have a few pricier items — dresses and such — left over from previous pregnancies. But, this baby is in a different position then where my son and daughter were situated so I have to invest in a few pairs of new maternity jeans. And, I already bought tops in larger sizes so I can wear them in the early postpartum weeks as well.
jmast jmast 8 years
I'm at 39 weeks, the only thing I spent a lot of money on was a pair of maternity Joes Jeans. And for two dresses I bought at A Pea in the Pod. I did order an expensive top for my shower from Isabella Oliver but I returned it because it turned out to be too hot for it and landed up wearing a $25 maxi dress from Motherhood..LOL! I still fit into a lot of my pre-pregnancy shirts. And for maternity clothes that I needed I just ordered from Old Navy, Target, Walmart or Motherhood, much cheaper.
queenegg queenegg 8 years
Unfortnately, I haven't fit into my pants since I was in week 4. I'm using the Bella Band for my work pants, but I am in sore need of some pregger pants, but I'm going to try to find some that are secondhand. I just don't see the need in buying all new stuff.
cheersdarlin916 cheersdarlin916 8 years
I am not quite to that point yet as I am only 11 weeks along but I agree with alikat07, I find it to be a waste of money. I may go buy some pants but bring on hoodies and t-shirts and I am good to go.
alikat07 alikat07 8 years
I've been lucky enough to receive two entire maternity wardrobes from friends and family. Unfortunately a lot of the pants are too big, but I've made due with jersey skirts and a couple pairs of maternity pants. To be honest I have very little desire to go buy anything new in maternity, I feel like its a waste of money. I am normally a bit of a shop-a-holic so this is really abnormal for me! Of course the economy has me nervous like everyone else, but I don't think that is influencing my decision not to shop.
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