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Mattel Backlash Over Hot Wheels

Mattel Says Moms Don't Know How to Play With Cars

Do moms really need to be taught how to play with toy cars? As the Huffington Post reports, many moms are shaking their heads over the suggestion from Mattel, maker of Hot Wheels toy cars, that moms might need lessons in playing cars with their sons.

Matt Petersen, a Mattel vice president, recently told Bloomberg Businessweek that the average mom "doesn't get why cars, engines, and all the shapes and crashing and smashing are so cool."

Read more (Bloomberg Businessweek).

Do you play with toy cars with your kids?

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KristyMitchell29023 KristyMitchell29023 4 years
What a load of rubbish!! My son is nearly 3, and prefers that I play cars with him over his father! Obviously I know how to play cars if he brings them to me. We sit and play for ages! My son has well over 100 matchbox cars. Very dissapointed to hear such a sexist remark coming from such a large popular company.
RochelleGarwood RochelleGarwood 4 years
I play cars with my GIRL. Pffft to Mattel.
DawnGooden DawnGooden 4 years
This is absurd!! I am a mom of 2 boys (OK, they are age 2 and a half and the other is 6 months...) but still that is such a pathetic remark. My 2 yr old has taken an interest in cars and I play with him all the time. Sometimes, he even uses my body as a road lol it's too cute =p I preferred those kinda toys when I was a kid anyway. i had a couple of Barbies, but they always had nasty hair from being dragged around, and usually missing limbs xD The fact of the matter is, it's a sexist comment. Besides, what mom out there has so little of an imagination that she can't figure out how to engage in playful boy activities like playing with toy cars?? That's about as ridiculous as saying dad's don't know how to play dress-up and have tea parties.
JenniferWilliamson13296 JenniferWilliamson13296 4 years
Matel.. Stop blaming moms for your lack of sales. What little boy needs to be "Taught" to play with cars anyway? My family and I have kept your company in business for two decades. My oldest son who is now 22 had a huge collection of cars and now my youngest son age 5 has his own huge collection plus the oldest son's cars too. I am not one to play cars on the floor with my kids, but neither one of my boys had lack of imagination when they play with their cars. Find someone else to blame idiots!
JenniferTinkham JenniferTinkham 4 years
Seriously? That is an awful statement. I have a little brother, and I always played cars with him when we were younger! I can definately play with cars, my favorite part was the crashing and the sound effects!Maybe his Mom or his wife doesn't understand car play, but not all of us are lost in this subject! I play cars now with my 16 month old daughter and we love it!
Courtney14956254 Courtney14956254 4 years
I have always been a girly girl, but by goodness this statement is wrong! Even I owned all the red hot wheels when I was younger because they were the closest to pink. You can ask my son and he'll tell you I'm the best at making sound effects and helping him 'blow up' his cars. Sexist much. I'm taking my business elsewhere if this isn't publicly apologized for.
BeniceShaw BeniceShaw 4 years
I grew up with 2 brothers who played with cars and then had 3 sons who played with cars. It was there weekly treat for my brothers that mom would bring home a car from the grocery store and I tried to carry on that tradition when I could. They had tons of cars. I am sure some moms don't want to play cars with there sons, but I am sure there are lots who do. It isn't a contest on who plays the best with their children. My sons played together or used there own imagination. What we need to focus on is helping our children use there imaginations instead of using video games and television to do it for them. I do not believe it is a mommy thing ( moms not knowing how to play with cars ) but a generational thing.
VanessaWigglesworth VanessaWigglesworth 4 years
Mattel didn't make this comment as a company, a misguided vice president of the company did. His comment might be based on what he went through as a child, perhaps his own mother needed lessons on how to properly play "cars" with her child.
Moria3734345 Moria3734345 4 years
are you serious? growing up i had only one sister and she was younger. my grandmother raised me mostly and at that time my uncle wasnt all that older than me. so of course i went threw that tomboy stage and still have a little today. even my granny would get down with us. what was said is just immature and stupid. oh and it is wise to tell a woman nascar fan she dont know how to play with cars. i could spin circles around ya!!!!!!
rena51656 rena51656 4 years
Really? I am a mom of 2 boys and i have played with cars my whole life. I get right down in the dirt with them and we have a blast !!!
JamieShermeyer JamieShermeyer 4 years
As a kid growing up this girl had a big collection of hot wheels cars. I loved building little towns with my legos and lincoln logs for my cars to drive around. Sure I had some barbies and baby dolls but my cars were my fave. Now that I'm a mom to 2 wonderful kids, a boy and girl, I love buying cars for them. My son is only 2 but once he's a little older I will sit a play cars with him. We will even build the towns with his sisters legos. And sure enough u can't play cars without crashing them. Its the best part. That's y he has an ambulance, tow truck, and a police car. Someone has to come to the rescue.
jacquelinetapley jacquelinetapley 4 years
Hey Mattel who do you think showed my boys car's and they both race as well sure dad had input at that stage but I brought loads of your matchbox cars and encouraged my boys to play and yeah I got down and played cars ...
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