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Maurice Sendak On Where the Wild Things Are

Will You Take Your Kids to See "Where the Wild Things Are?"

While the Max costume may be the hottest getup of the upcoming Halloween season, many wee ones may not actually see the flick Where the Wild Things Are. Youngsters that can't handle the pages with pictures may not be capable of dealing with the monsters in a silver-screen format. While some tots may be able to handle the long claws and yellowish eyes, others may bolt for the exit sign howling all the way home. But even scarier than the fangs and a sole mission on a boat may be the author of the classic tale's response to the question, "What do you say to parents who think the Wild Things film may be too scary?" Maurice Sendak's surprising answer:

"I would tell them to go to hell. That's a question I will not tolerate."

Yikes! It may not be the fear factor that keeps mommies from purchasing those tickets but rather a snarky old man's attitude. Still, will you take the family to see the film? The trailer above is pretty enticing.

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Advah Advah 7 years
Hmmm maybe see the film before saying Sendack is a "snarky old man"? It might be that the film is indeed a bit scary for very young kids (but then I also think that kids under 3 probably shouldn't see films at the theatre) but it might also be that it's not.
meandtheo meandtheo 7 years
my daughter loves this book and if she were old enough to go to the movies i would take her...
luckyme luckyme 7 years
Wowza, Mr. Sendak. Methinks you need to find some happy pills. Anyway, I am one of those he would have a hard time tolerating. My 2 and half year old loves the book, but she is starting to talk about monsters more, i.e. "there's no monsters in there right, mommy?" I think the movie might be too much for her.
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