Many children have gazed up at Mickey D's famous golden arches on their way in to grab a burger, chicken nuggets, french fries or a sundae with their parents. Today the company celebrates its 50th anniversary. Who doesn't remember sitting on the swivel chairs with school friends and biting into the crunchy sliced pickle that was always perfectly centered in the sandwich? McDonald's aptly titled Happy Meals put a smile on tots' faces while their moms and pops noshed on a Big Mac or Filet-O-Fish. Sometimes even Ronald McDonald or the Hamburgler made an appearance and then it was time to hit the brightly colored playground that was attached to the establishment. Children were so smitten with the fast food joint that they threw their birthday parties there but is the love affair with drive through and paper wrapped entrees a thing of the past? To see why I ask,


As a parent raising two youngsters in a foodie city, I've never taken them to McDonald's. Fast food isn't really in the cards when we consider our meal options. For about the same price we would dole out at a pull up window, we can pick up burritos made with fresh ingredients from a local taqueria, Middle Eastern pita sandwiches or Thai noodles. I wouldn't pitch a fit if a friend or family member took my children to a fast food joint, but for reasons of nutrition and taste — it isn't my preference.

What are your thoughts on feeding kids fast food?