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Dionne30063 Dionne30063 3 years
i was hoping there would be something a bit more original. don't get me wrong its still helpful! I normally when making bolognaise/lasagne/pie/chilli/stew or cassarole will make it in a batch to last two nights sometimes with the addition of extra fresh veg on the side on the day, sometimes not. Not only do these recipes help with busy schedules, if you're feeling a bit under the weather but also if you have a new addition to the family or surprise guests. Why are people judging its still a home cooked meal, not some nutritionless, full of sugar and salt ready meal from the store or takeaway (which tbh why should we feel bad about that every once in a while)
Jenn14913807 Jenn14913807 3 years
I have 3 boys, work full time and have a hubby who is a long distance truck driver. My boys are met by our teenage babysitter 3 nights a week. I make meals ahead for her (crock pot, freezer) and she puts in on the table. Do I feel guilty? nope. My boys are happy healthy are involved in activities both after school and on weekends. We even have pizza night...again no guilt. Moms need to stop judging other moms. congratulations you decided to stay home, I decided to work. (again no guilt) what works best for our families is all that matters. Thanks for the recipes there are a few I can use with modifications.
JennBustard1378986687 JennBustard1378986687 3 years
It is a shame that some moms are taking this as an insult. This is meant to help busy moms...i very much appreciate helpful articles like this. Anything to make life easier is great :)
MarylinaGilchrist1372195941 MarylinaGilchrist1372195941 4 years
I cannot stand judgemental moms. Just cause you wanna kill yourself trying to be superwoman doesn't make us moms who live in reality "lazy" or any less of a good mother. I fed my toddler eggs and vegetables dinner, same thing I ate. So call the mom police.
AliciaArcherArledge AliciaArcherArledge 4 years
Well, the title says meals to prepare before baby comes. So I took it as helpful recipes to prepare ahead of time for when you have your baby. Plus, for some reason I can't seem to find the article or recipes. I'm a single mom of 6, we stay busy but I make time to prepare meals for my children. I do believe it shows where your priorities are. Yes, you will have days where a quick fix or less than desired meal is needed. But I think this should happen less often than making home made meals. I'm 36 so I may be old fashion.
CarleeMcLean CarleeMcLean 4 years
So did I miss read the name of this article? Apparently based on these comments it should have been - For all crappy moms here is some stuff to feed your kids out of the freezer cause your lazy butt won't fix a decent dinner. I'm sorry but busy with outside or inhouse stuff, sometimes we all need a easy, go to meal for our family. And just because it comes from the freezer doesn't mean it's not good for you, it's all about what you put in, so quit taking offense either use the recipes or don't!
EmiliaKoiler1370721671 EmiliaKoiler1370721671 4 years
My kids each do 1-2 extra curriculars each, but were still busy! And I am a stay at home mom. Just because times have changed doesn't mean they're worse off!
IndiaSilva1373475254 IndiaSilva1373475254 4 years
Wow yes times have changed and yes family time is very important. Out door activities are also important. They need to be fit in as much as possible, we all want healthy kids don't we. Saying someone needs to check there priorities because they prepair a healthy meal a head of time is crazy. That is being prioritized thinking a head to know that when you don't have time to cook your family will still be able to eat a meal you prepared.
StephanieMoulard1361665965 StephanieMoulard1361665965 4 years
I guess I didn't take away anything negative from this article. In fact if times are busy, planning ahead is what allows you to be more thoughtful about preparing and serving healthy meals. This also ensures you are prioritizing your family as times get busy. This has saved me so much stress and allowed me to be in the moment with my family when I have planned and/or prepared meals ahead of time. I love tips like this and am always open to new ideas!
VeronicaQuintero VeronicaQuintero 4 years
I'm a 32yr old, with a full-time employment, part-time student, two kids and a husband who also works full-time. Extra-curricular activities help my kids' self-esteem, they stay strong-minded, and in shape. Why would I want a couch potato?! Now a days, if kids are home they are playing video games, yeah no, I'd rather have them being active. My kids do not have dinner until 6:30 - 7pm (when we get home, yes, we prepare a fresh meal) not everyday of the week, but we try. Times are different, things have changed and will continue changing. Nobody is a bad person, and nobody should choose, between a full-time job or family, planning ahead is what will get your through the day, the week, the month....the year :)
erperr erperr 4 years
Yes, times have changed--more families have both parents working or have only one parent. By the time I get my kids from school and just fight traffic to get home I'm exhausted, and my kids are in no afterschool activities right now (sometimes they do have swim lessons after school--which I consider to be a life saving skill). If making nutricious meals ahead of time and freezing them makes me a bad mom, then so be it, but it's better than taking my kids to fast food restaurantes to fill them with crap.
missnanny missnanny 4 years
Call me old-fashioned (I am 56) but I think that if you don't have time to fix meals for your family, that you need to look at priorities. Do your kids really need all the extra-curricular activities - NO they don't. Kids need down time too and they need to hear the word NO sometimes. Sometimes you just thave to choose - family time should not be compromised.
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