Eating for two is one of the delights expectant mothers take in their pregnancies. A double scoop of ice cream here, a second slice of pizza there, it all adds up to the 25-35 pounds an average-sized woman is expected to gain throughout her nine months. The new weight gain guidelines reduce the amount of weight an above-average-sized woman should gain. But what about mamas-to-be who don't gain enough and count every calorie?

"Pregnorexia," the occurrence of anorexia during pregnancy, often occurs when a mama-to-be uses extreme dieting and exercise to ward off weight gain. The lack of calories and nutritional intake can lead to premature delivery, low birth weight and long-term health problems for the baby. Since the media scrutinizes celebrity moms' postpartum figures, some people blame television and magazines for the rise of the eating disorder. What's your opinion?