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cjmauthe cjmauthe 2 years

I apologize. I made a snap judgment based on erroneous assumptions and incomplete knowledge. I'm working on it. I've done some research, and I finally think I've figured out how and why putting Vick's on children's feet with socks works. Babies and small children aren't supposed to use Vick's because the vapors are irritating, causing increased mucus production, which can cause pneumonia. By putting it on their feet and covering it with socks, it dissipates the vapors so they are less harsh and irritating. Then, it works by creating a cooling sensation in your nose that tricks the brain into thinking you are breathing easier than you are, so it suppresses your cough and calms you overall, letting you sleep. I'm still working on the vinegar and baking soda thing, though.

cjmauthe cjmauthe 2 years

Could you explain how that works? Aluminum foil reflects heat, it doesn't absorb it. What made you try it, and what happened that convinced you that it worked? I don't understand how this would work, even in theory.

DenaLynch DenaLynch 2 years

Although The baking soda and vinegar solution may sound "stupid" and risk smelling like a tossed salad, it truly works wonders! I've used this solution for my family for over 20 years.

The Vapo Rub trick on feet with socks Works for many, too. Just because it's meant to be "rubbed on chest" doesn't mean we can't try new things and be resourceful and getting creative. And if you're not comfortable trying the articles recommended ideas, maybe try them on yourself first?

cjmauthe cjmauthe 2 years

I love the first idea to help keep track of your baby's medication, and some of the other ideas are worth trying, but some of these are just stupid. Mixing baking soda with vinegar just leaves you with either very dilute vinegar or a weak baking soda solution. The Vaporub won't work any better on your child's feet than it would on his chest, where it's supposed to go. I'm not sure about the marshmallows for a sore throat, but I think this comes from the use of marshmallow root for a sore throat, which I'm pretty sure is not found in marshmallows. I'll have to get back to you on that one.

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