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Meet the New Multi-tasking Mom: The "Frazzer"

Meet the New Multi-tasking Mom: The "Frazzer"

When I hear the phrase “multi-tasking mom,” I get a mental picture of one of the moms in my running group who arrives at the track at 5:30 a.m. announcing she’s already folded two loads of laundry, put dinner in the Crock Pot, and packed both her daughter’s school bag and her after-school soccer cleats and uniform.

Working her Blackberry and phoning wake-up calls to the abovementioned seven-year-old, she effortlessly jogs three miles around the track. She sprints off to shower and head to her daytime corporate exec gig. Meanwhile, I’m left gasping and exhausted, not so much by the workout as I am by the thought of keeping up with this multi-tasking Alpha mom. If only I could.

I used to aspire to be that woman—but I recently discovered what I really am: a "frazzer."

"Frazzing" is a new term coined by Edward Hallowell, the "distraction guru," and it's short for "frantic multitasking." It refers to “frantic, ineffective multitasking, typically with the delusion that you are getting a lot done," Hallowell said when he introduced the concept at the the Australian International Education Conference earlier this year. It's become a buzzword for stressed out execs, but mom bloggers have co-opted it to describe the crazy everyday juggling that's also par for the course in motherhood.


If my own experience is any indication, "frazzing" fits us moms perfectly. And as if to prove the point, a group of Circle of Moms community members in the Debating Moms group held a lively and good-humored bragging contest last December, one-upping one another with dazzling feats of manic mom multi-tasking.

For self-proclaimed multi-tasker extraordinaire Loureen K. the competition heats up on the baby front. “I breastfed my baby in a sling while walking, leading the dog, and chasing a toddler."

For working mom Jackie R. the multi-tasking proving ground is her daily commute: “I drove to work the other day (45 minute drive) in the rain holding a coffee mug that wouldn't fit in a cup holder in one hand (because i ran out of travel mugs) and a smoke in the other, all while driving a stick shift.... top that!"

And Amanda P. boasts: “I can get myself a cup of coffee while filling all four kids’ bowls with cereal and milk, while dragging out the bench with my foot, than using my elbow to open and shut the fridge for milk and using my pinky finger to grab it." She does all this with an almost two year-old “clinging to my leg, my seven-year-old shouting for his shoes for school, my four-year-old screaming she needs to go potty NOW and needs help, and my almost three-year-old whimpering that Dora isn't on. That's my morning. Daily.”

Pretty heavy lifting! But are any moms out there discovering, like me, that all of this multi-tasking is leaving you...frazzed?

Image Source: Courtesy of Ordisway via Flickr/Creative Commons

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