There are days you'd love to remember and others you'd just as soon forget. Jill Price doesn't have a choice. She remembers all the days of her childhood with crystal clear lucidity.

If you ask her what she was doing on September 14, 1982, she would tell you she went to school for her first day of the 12th grade and was devastated to find out that Princess Grace had died. According to professor James L. McGaugh, Jill has hyperthymestic syndrome, which means she has an overdeveloped memory. Some see it as a gift, others as a curse.

As a mom, I think the memory I covet most is the birth date of my child. How incredible to relive the moment of her first breath, her initial cry and my husband's and my pure joy as we cradled her. On the flip side, it would be torturous to replay the sleepless nights of exhaustion that we experienced as parents of a newborn.

What would you want to remember and what would you wish to forget?