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Michigan Dad Needs to Pay Bill Or Marry Baby Mama

One Michigan daddy has to pony up the cost of his daughter's medical expenses for her birth ($3,800) or marry her mama. Gary Johnson plans to wed JaeLyn's mother, Rebecca Witt, but the couple wants to do it on their own accord and are struggling financially. One report said:

The Michigan Legislature amended the state's paternity act five years ago to waive birthing costs for a father, if he married the child's mother. A year later, Witt gave birth to JaeLyn. The state paid for the hospital costs because Witt was on Medicaid at the time and is now trying to recover the money."

Unless the father presents a marriage certificate he has to pay. What is your opinion of the paternity act that is seen as a marriage incentive for moms and dads?


Ericka Ericka 8 years
It might be because he can afford to pay for the costs. When that is true Medicaid will go after the father for the cost. Sounds like there's a loophole if they're married though.
sensistar sensistar 8 years
I don't understand.....I live in Michigan and had twins in 2007, I had medicaid and it paid for everything even though my b/f and I weren't married. Are the couple not living together? The link didn't work for me.
Moms Moms 8 years
The state is trying to recover the money that was paid by Medicaid.
goldiecar goldiecar 8 years
You know Redegg... I thought THE EXACT SAME THING! I thought it was just the pregnancy hormones making me see things again! Too funny!!
schnappycat schnappycat 8 years
redegg, I thought the same thing! Hee. That was either a poorly written article or very confusing legislation because it really doesn't make much sense to me.
Sarana Sarana 8 years
It was confusing for me too. I thought this Medicaid was a health insurance? You pay for that? So how can they decide not to pay for it later? What if she had no relationship with the father at all? Very strange article.
redegg redegg 8 years
I skimmed this headline and thought it said Michigan man needs to pay bill or marry Obama. :rotfl:
Boogie29 Boogie29 8 years
Okay I'm from Canada so I find this very odd. We don't have to pay for medical things, like when we have babies (thank you universal health care!)so I don't quite get this.Are they saying that if your married in Michigan you don't have to pay for the cost of having a baby? If this guy marries his baby momma the costs are wiped out?
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