The next time your kid asks you to buy him a lemonade, be careful what your order. And, check the ingredients so Child Protective Services doesn't come after you.

To see what happened to an unassuming Michigan man and his son,


According to a Detroit Free Press article, Christopher Ratte of Ann Arbor, MI, took his son Leo to Comerica park in Detroit for a Tigers baseball game. On the way to their seats, his 7–year–old son asked his pop to buy him a lemonade. Happily, Christopher bought lil Leo a Mike's Hard Lemonade not knowing the bottled juice is actually a malt beverage.

Neither the boy or the parent were aware that the refresher contained alcohol. But, the security guard who spotted the tyke sipping the bottle knew right away.

Leo was quickly taken to the Children's Hospital where his blood level was tested for alcohol. It turned up negative. Still, Leo was held in CPS custody for one night and then put into foster care for an additional night before the courts finally allowed his mother to take him home.

If the father knew the lemonade was spiked, he should not have permitted his child to consume it. But how can you fault a man for not being up to date on the latest hard drinks? I bet he learned his lesson.

Do you think the punishment justified the "crime"?