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Middle School Bans Iconic Ugg Boots

Middle School Bans Iconic Ugg Boots

Like many schools, Pottstown Middle School outside Philadelphia has a strict cell phone policy: students who bring cell phones to school must leave them in their lockers and keep them turned off until the school day ends.

But in a move that's sure to inspire other schools, principal Gail M. Cooper has made the unpopular decision to ban all open top boots, including the iconic Aussie Ugg Boots. The reason? School officials discovered that students use their open top boots to sneak mobile phones and other gadgets to class.

The reaction from parents is mixed; some say the move is wise since cell phones are a huge distraction, while others think it's futile and that kids will just find new places to hide their gadgets.


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victoriafurzerpickett victoriafurzerpickett 5 years
See this is why uniform is a good idea!! In the uk most schools have compulsory uniform which includes footwear. Most kids wear kickers!! Also at my daughters school if you are caught with your phone it's confiscated till a parent collects it for you.
DarcySchultz DarcySchultz 5 years
This is targeting mostly females, who can also carry these devices in their bra. Should we make them take their bra off at the door as well? Why don't you just apply more strict punishment. 1st offense=take the phone away and call parents; 2nd offense=require them to attend gym classes for the entire year; 3rd offense=suspend them from attending Prom. This should take care of the issue. HA!
Jenn90125 Jenn90125 5 years
OK, so if boots are banned, does that mean that if there is snow on the ground they have to change shoes when they get to school and if so, are they allowing time for the kids to do so? Don't worry, I KNOW I sound insane but so is this "rule". The only time footwear or other clothing should be banned is if it causes a distraction (for example showing too much skin) or if it is "unsafe" as could be said for stiletto heels or the very cheap thin flip flops..... but BOOTS? Come on now....the kids have other means of carrying cell I'm sure the school will find out soon enough....what did they think, these same kids DIDN'T have them in the summer months when they aren't wearing Uggs? Ya, right..... find some
KatieHughes18102 KatieHughes18102 5 years
I found myself hoping that they were banned because they're just dumb looking. Alas it is not so...
CoMMember13628122382063 CoMMember13628122382063 5 years
what do uniforms have to do with anything? i know plenty of girls, including grown women, who store their cell in their bra! Are you going to stop letting girls wear bras too?!
RaneeNicholson RaneeNicholson 5 years
I say uniforms. Why not, it's terrible what parents let their children wear to school nowadays anyway. That is a distraction of its own.
ErinBerrySchade ErinBerrySchade 5 years
the part I find stupid is "open topped boots" opposed to closed top? all boots are open topped so you can get your feet in. I think sometimes schools go too far with regulations but if kids are hiding phones in their boots who's to say they aren't hiding guns, knives or other weapons...especially since almost every action movie shows someone hiding a weapon in their boots.
CoMMember13613656352972 CoMMember13613656352972 5 years
Um, no. Completely dumb. If you want kids to behave grown, then let's hold them accountable for their actions as if they "are" grown. So basically, have your phone and gadgets wherever you like. If I catch you using them during my class time, they are taken away for the remainder of my class. Not, oh let's ban some boots and that will fix everything. Just stupid. I can see banning hooker skirts but not winter boots that keep their feet warm.....smh
BrandiLaw BrandiLaw 5 years
they shohld be able to chanrge kids that do this as they can't confiscate them (i'm guessing or that would be an option?) make them do some community service or something of that like.
MelaniMontez MelaniMontez 5 years
Next they'll be banning bras for girls because some stick their cell phones in there... Come on people, these kids WILL find a way!
JenDharmasurya JenDharmasurya 5 years
Kids are just going to hide phones elsewhere. I carry mine in my bra, and have since I was about 16... Unless it rings, no one knows it's there... I've seen people with phones in their underwear, shoes, hair and ... not to sound totally crazy here, but ... even their pockets!
CathieShultz CathieShultz 5 years
I totally agree with you Ashleigh!
Ashleigh93076 Ashleigh93076 5 years
they should just switch to uniforms.
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