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Middle School Bans Leggings

Illinois Middle School Deems Leggings "Unacceptable Attire"

Leggings have become a must have for tween and teen wardrobes, but one school in Evanston, IL, is trying to give them the boot. Students at Haven Middle School told their parents that they were no longer allowed to wear leggings and tight yoga pants to school after being told that they are "a distraction for the boys." Students have gotten away with wearing leggings for years, despite the school's dress code that deems them "unacceptable attire." While some parents agree with the school's decision, several have decided to speak out against the ban. Juliet and Kevin Bond sent a letter to the school's principal, Kathy Roberson, writing that the policy is inconsistently enforced and "antiquated."

"Under no circumstances should girls be told that their clothing is responsible for boy's bad behaviors," the parents wrote. "This kind of message lands itself squarely on a continuum that blames girls and women for assault by men."

To see how Robinson responded to the letter, read the full story on The Huffington Post.

Source: Flickr user pakyouare

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sarahklein1376571579 sarahklein1376571579 3 years

I agree with most of the comments.
It is hard enough to deal with the changes of puberty as it is.
Raise the boys well and they won't rape the girls, but that doesn't mean they won't get a sexual reation looking at the girls legs, they will and it will distract them from their schoolwork. It is selfish and irresponsible to argue that girls can wear anything they like without regard to other peoples reactions. Modesty will get more respect.

sylviapeereboom sylviapeereboom 3 years

might as well paint your legs a fashionable color... leggings are used inappropriately by todays girls and women alike. If the school wants to impose rules on them perhaps like a catholic school shirt or dress needs to be so low.

CoMMember1361364534341 CoMMember1361364534341 3 years

How did you jump from the school saying these tights were a distraction to the boys (remember, these are middle school boys who are having a difficult enough time adapting to their changing bodies and their lack of control over their physical reaction to various stimulus!) to these boys being rapists!? But we do agree on one thing...parents need to start parenting their children rather than trying to be their child's best friend.

CoMMember1361364534341 CoMMember1361364534341 3 years

Where did the school say that the leggings made the boy misbehave? They merely said the leggings were a 'distraction' to these middle school boys and I can easily understand how that could be true. This is the age where young males have very little control over their body's sexual reaction to various stimulus. There is no reason to make these boys lives any more difficult than necessary as they learn to adapt to their changing bodies! Keep the leggings at home or the mall, they do not belong in school!

GretchenDeLaHunt GretchenDeLaHunt 3 years

No saggy pants and no leggings being worn as pants. They are not pants. I see this at walmart all the time and it bothers me because wearing things that tight where you can see them is basically inviting guys to look at that. Cover it up and it isn't a problem. The saggy pants is just ridiculous. Why would you want to wear your pants around your knees anyway? How can they even walk in them? It's a public school; be appropriate and respect yourself.

jadajordan62555 jadajordan62555 3 years

Parents are allowing
their children to wear grown up clothing. They are children and should wear age
appropriate clothing that maintain their innocence a little while longer. They
have plenty of time to wear adult clothing, because you are an adult longer
than you are a child. Form fitting clothes are an issue. Little boys are not
the only ones looking.

ShelehiaMeisner ShelehiaMeisner 3 years

Boys need to be responsible for their own behavior regardless of what the girls wear. However, girls need to stop wearing leggings as though they are pants! Leggings are just that, leggings. Meant to be worn under a skirt or a dress to fashionably cover the legs or add a layer for warmth. They ARE NOT PANTS!! Even in the 80's we wore them with long shirts that covered our butts.

wilma14985709 wilma14985709 3 years

The entire point is being missed here - first of all the pic above those are tights not leggings and there are different kinds of these pants. The problem that we have is the school made it about the boys - and its not. This has nothing to do with rape culture.
Girls needs to dress in an appropriate manner regardless and so do boys. That means that for all intents and purposes we cover up our private areas and we dont wear see through pants. There is nothing wrong with people noticing the opposite sex - when did we become such a puranistic society and full of it I might add. Boys are supposed to notice girls and vice versa thats nature it is our job as adults to let them know those feelings are natural and how to handle them. Not everyone is a rapist or a pedophile and we do not have to yank our kids out of school and homeschool them. I look over what my daughter wears every day before she leaves the house and I give a "yay" or a "nay"
Heres a thought - parents - why dont you start parenting your kids and stop relying on others to do it for you.

Kayleen3919200 Kayleen3919200 3 years

They are distracting the teaching pediphile whom we in trust with our daughters, better make the boys stop wearing skinny jeans too as the women are now just as bad ... Smh home schooling is the only place our kids get educated without the possible molesting/raping teacher

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