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Mike Huckabee Criticizes Unwed Mothers

Unwed Mothers Back in the News; Test Your Knowledge

Almost 20 years after Dan Quayle publicly criticized the fictional Murphy Brown for having a baby out of wedlock, the issue is back in the news as conservative commentator (and possible presidential candidate) Mike Huckabee called out actress Natalie Portman for doing the same. Despite the popularity of shows like a Teen Mom, and a rash of unwed celebrity pregnancies right now, Americans are still overwhelmingly in favor of a two-parent home. Take this quiz to see how much you know about unwed mothers in the US.

Unwed Mothers Back in the News; Test Your Knowledge

What percentage of US births take place out of wedlock?

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lizlee89 lizlee89 6 years
wait, is Teen Mom supposed to be evidence having children without a spouse is not a bad idea? because, to me, that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard and that show is major proof that people should be more prudent about getting pregnant and having kids. also, does that fact that unwed motherhood is fairly common supposed to make it ok? there are a lot of things that are even more common that are very bad. now, if a person like Natalie Portman does so, it's one thing. she is financially stable and seems already in love with her child (which every parent really should) - she will probably be a great parent. besides that, she is marrying her boyfriend who is the baby's father. however, as much as people try to be nice and think that people are not, many people really are stupid enough to see things like Natalie Portman being pregnant out of wedlock and think it's glamourous. if teenagers have intentionally gotten pregnant because of the hype surrounding Teen Mom, they will do it for any number of ridiculous reasons. it sounds insane, but it happens. bottom line is, while people are free to do what they want (including criticize celebrities), it is just not fair to one's children to carelessly become a parent without ensuring that they are going to have two loving parents who can work together to care for them. no, marriage is not a sure thing, but it's more stable and people ought to dedicate themselves to forming good, strong marriages and not working hard to keep them going...
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