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Miley Cyrus Teen Choice Awards Performance

Miley's Pole Dance, Time to Turn Off Hannah Montana?

Miley Cyrus might have more explaining to do. Following the distribution of scandalous photos of the Disney star and her then-boyfriend on the Internet and a suggestive Vanity Fair photo spread last year, the 16-year-old star performed a short pole dance at the Teen Choice Awards that aired last night. While singing her "Party in the USA," Cyrus stood on an ice-cream cart and shimmied her short shorts and black leather boots up and down an umbrella pole.

The Hannah Montana star has become more provocative as she tries to move beyond her squeaky-clean tween image, but her personal growth may be lost on her young (even preschool-aged) fans. Do a children's TV star's off-screen antics affect what you let your lil ones watch on the boob tube?


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Advah Advah 7 years
Bah. I'd rather keep watching Hannah Montana (yes, I'll admit I find it highly entertaining) and not watch those award shows that I find pretty useless anyway. That video is visually offensive more than morally imo!
bmee6141 bmee6141 7 years
i agree with pinky pink- it was a performance- fun- not a whole striptease- there was what? 3 seconds of her actually dancing on the pole? it was mainly there to hold onto as they rolled the cart
PiNkY-PiNk PiNkY-PiNk 7 years
she's officially the new britney. people love to bring them up just to knock them down. how about people focus on their own kids and try to do a decent job as parents and stop trying to blame celebrities for their fuck up kids? i don't really like miley's songs but i like this one. this performance was fun and we shouldn't try to read so much into it.
mstrauss mstrauss 7 years
Let's start with the fact that her voice sucks! Second, she isn't pole dancing. She is standing and holding on to a pole and not dancing at all, actually.
supercoolnat supercoolnat 7 years
When I was watching this last night (yeah, I admit, I saw some of the teen choice awards), the second she climbed on that ice cream cart I thought "stripper pole". She may not have been doing all the stripper moves, but that was definitely a stripper pole. Without an umbrella that thing is not quite an umbrella pole. Also thought the outfit was pretty inappropriate. The short shorts and half-of-the-mesh-bra showing were a little much for a 16 year old.
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