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Milkmakers Lactation Cookies

Mommy's Lil Helper: Milkmakers Lactation Cookies

Eat your way to a healthy breast milk supply. Getting baby to properly latch on may be the toughest part of early breastfeeding, but keeping the milk flowing can be equally stressful for lactating mamas. While generations of women have turned to teas and natural herbs leaving the scent of maple syrup in the air, a new specialty cookie is destined to become an essential nursing aid, leaving behind more than just great taste.

Created by a Seattle-based mom who needed help keeping her milk supply up once she returned to work, Milkmakers adds key milk-producing agents such as brewer's yeast (which increases and stimulates the production and flow of breast milk) and ground flax seed  (a source of DHA crucial for optimal brain development) to an all natural cookie recipe. The result is a highly efficient and great-tasting oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Tested by two nursing mamas here at Sugar HQ, the moms credit eating two of the treats daily with allowing them to continue breastfeeding after heading back to work. The lil delights keep supplies high while pumping throughout the workday. Less expensive than a new lactation-enhancing drink, Milkmakers ($34 for 20) can be stored in the freezer and defrosted as needed.

Would you try them?

Julie-Church-RD Julie-Church-RD 7 years
As a working, breastfeeding Mom, these cookies are a great addition to the ways that I keep my milk supply up for my 16 month old. I am a Registered Dietitian also and fully approve of the taste, appeal, nutritional content, and concept of these cookies. Fellow moms, enjoy your cookies! Your body needs the nutrients and your tongue will very much enjoy the taste!
Devon8 Devon8 7 years
I'm a HUGE fan of milkmakers and was thrilled to see that others are hearing about them! I love my job but traveling and being a full-time working mom is uber-demanding on the milk supply. milkmakers are my way of being able to keep up my milk supply, keep working and hang out with my two little boys. Granted, I crash at the end of the night with exhaustion (do you know any mom who doesn't??) but I am really thankful I found milkmakers to help me through on the milk front. I'd recommend them to anyone.
KWM KWM 7 years
I can't wait to try them soon!
Gruberr1 Gruberr1 7 years
I'm a big fan of milkmakers. They really taste great (not like a "special" cookie by any means) and I believe that they significantly helped with my milk supply. Keeping my supply up was a definite challenge and when I started eating the cookies (2 per day) I saw my supply increase.
ichicas ichicas 7 years
yes I would try them. Not all of us are fortunate to have enough milk to feed a village.
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