Mini Me: Tim and Gracie McGraw
Mini Me: Tim and Gracie McGraw

We hope the McGraw clan doesn't set their circus down anytime soon. Country vocalist Tim, and his songstress wife, Faith Hill, were spotted on Sunset Boulevard shopping with their three daughters, Gracie, 11 (white shirt), Maggie, 9 (yellow shirt), and Audrey, 6 (pink camo shirt) and a couple of friends. Surrounded by his girls, daddy Tim, who helped remove an obnoxious fan from his concert last week, seemed quite the gentleman.

The cowboy's oldest daughter may not have her father's wild side, but she certainly got his genes. Blessed with the same soulful eyes and sweet smile, Gracie is the 41-year-old singer's carbon copy. And, the preteen may have also inherited the family pipes; She and her sisters sang back up on their dad's track, "Fly Away".


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