Nobody said life was fair and with pregnancy, I find this especially true. I consider myself lucky having gotten pregnant right away with both my kids and all things considered having had easy, uneventful deliveries. I've never experienced the loss that comes with having a miscarriage or the sadness that follows while stowing away items that were enthusiastically purchased for an impending birth.

Since I am a mother, just imagining that void brings me to tears. And, knowing couples that have lost a child or children, some of who seem like they were born to parent makes it all the more devastating.

While statistics vary, most estimate 20 to 25 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage. So many women don't take the possibility or reality of being a mother for granted. A recent New York Times article about freelance writer, Catherine MacRae Hockmuth's struggle with infertility was especially poignant. To finish the story,

. It said:

"Most of our friends and family don’t know we have all of these books, photos, names and parenting philosophies. I doubt it occurs to people with real babies that we have prepared exactly as they have, if not more. The only thing we don’t have is the baby book. Hallmark doesn’t carry a version for people like us to preserve our “Empty Uterus” and “Embryo in the Wrong Place” pictures. (Instead of “Our Baby” embossed on the cover, I suppose they could put “Well, It Was a Long Shot Anyway.”)"