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Miss Weather Colorforms Set

Blast From the Past: Miss Weather Dress Up Set

When Fisher Price introduced their retro Little People Sets earlier this year, we were inspired. So today we are launching Blast From the Past, a new feature on lil to showcase nostalgic goodies — games, clothing and characters — from our own childhoods that have made a comeback for our kids!

Though there are a number of modern Colorforms kits available on store shelves, this Miss Weather Dress Up Set ($12) brings back memories of the Holly Hobby version of our childhoods. Colorforms were first introduced in 1951 when two art students were looking for a cheap alternative to paint and discovered that a flexible vinyl material stuck to their walls. The kits went on to become wildly popular for their ease of use, ability to be reused and the dexterity they promoted in children. The Miss Weather set combines the popularity of the 80's cult classic Little Miss books with classic Colorforms construction. It can be used as a teaching aid for learning about weather and clothing and makes a great quiet activity for restaurants and car rides.

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