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Were Your Friends Jealous Over Baby?

Ask any mom, and she'll tell you: life changes drastically with the birth of a baby. Nights out at the bars are put on hold indefinitely, and friendships often take a backseat to parenting. It's not that friends lose their value; it's that parents have a fuller schedule and more responsibilities, which leads to less "hang" time with their buds. On the "Great Expectations" episode of Modern Family, Cam and Mitchell meet their old gal pal Sally at a bar, where the threesome swigs cocktails. Whenever the couple brings up their newly adopted daughter, Lily, Sal makes inappropriate remarks, leading the dads to conclude she is jealous of their wee one. While it may not play out so obviously in real life, the clip certainly has a token of realism to it.

Were any of your friends jealous of your baby?

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Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
My best friend, "Allison," she got pregnant about two years before me (she's a couple years older than me, and we were both 19 when we got pregnant), the guy dumped her and didn't care about her and she moved back in with her mom and grandma but never told them she was pregnant! It was midwinter and she just wore a big hoodie all the time. When she had her kid, she just walked downstairs and said, "Mom, I'm in labor and I need to go to the hospital." And that was it. Her mom was so mad and shocked, and half forced/half talked Allison into giving her kid up for adoption, which is something she has always regretted and held against her mother. She was a cool girl, but very loopy in the head. So... anyway... when I got pregnant, he was supportive of me and it just made her nuts. He and I had an argument once and I spent the night at her house, then she turned around and told everyone he was beating me! So I called her and said, "I don't want to not be your friend anymore, I just can't have you spreading these crazy rumors!" And she said, "Well maybe I don't want to be your friend anymore." Drama drama bullshit bullshit. The end. All of my other friends have been very cool about it, they'll hang out around my kid occasionally, and I can get a family member to babysit whenever I want, so my social life hasn't really taken a hit.
starbucks2 starbucks2 7 years
That Yoko-comment was so wrong but it made me laugh real hard! My friends and I usually hang mid-day now. With my baby. I'm the only one with kid right now and that probably won't change in the near future so their excited to have access to a baby.
commgirl commgirl 7 years
I will be in the minority here because I am single and do not have any children, but I saw the question and I wanted to read the responses to see what is thought and how I'm doing. I just found out one of my friends is pregnant and another friend of mine recently married a man with two children. I am so excited for my friends to begin their families and I am sorry that your friends cannot be excited for you. I realize that children will change my relationship with my friends as their time should be spent with their child(ren) and I will truly be happy with whatever time we can have together. I also try to plan the time we do get together far enough ahead that they can put it on their calendar, but understand that things might change by then. However, I also must admit that finding the time to "hang out" with them seems so much less because I don't have any children or a husband to worry about, so I have more free time than they do. I try to remind myself of this when they can't get together and am just grateful when we can. However, just know that if you take the time to set up time to spend with your friends they really will appreciate that you are trying! I really am trying to be a good friend and be there when they need it and understand when they have other obligations. I hope that I'm doing an okay job with it! Sorry this is so long, but thanks for "listening."
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 7 years
Yeah...and my friend's invites were RUDE! Like, "can we possibly tear you away from the baby for a night?" WTF is that??? I told them I had a baby, not a lobotomy and seriously, I was still up for going out, just require planning and non-offensive requests!
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
Yeah, we are actually dealing with it right now, more so with my sisters then friends, but its a shame people deal with things like this with bitter attacks. We left behind someone who I thought was a really good friend of mine, we shared a lot of personal information with each other and she wanted a baby desperately but her relationship was crumbling. We moved out of the area from her 2 years ago, but had kept in touch casually through things like myspace and facebook. When we announced that we were pregnant for the 2nd time, in a very public post on my facebook, she asked me inappropriate questions and things like, how many do you have now? 3? so this is your 4th? and so forth with much nastier things I don't care to dredge up. Basically insinuating that I quit my job to become a fat housewife thats popping brats out left and right. 4 pregnancies in 2 years.. I'm just that talented. I dont think jealousy is the main reason people can be nasty about babies though, a lot of people have zero interest in kids whatsoever, which is fine, minus the nastiness. I don't think ANYONE should drone on and on about their kids, or about anything, and I don't, but a lot of people really need to realize that people in general talk about their lives, and whatever they are doing right then. And those things ARE important, even if you don't have interest in them.. they might not have any interest in your art collection or your club hopping, but they listen.
lickety-split lickety-split 7 years
when i got pregnant with my second so quickly we had friends that were very rude about it. my first two girls are 12 months and 4 days apart and i can remember 4 comments off the top of my head, even though that second "baby" is 10 1/2 now. one couple had just had a very late miscarriage so it was really sort of understandable, the rest just mean.
nancita nancita 7 years
OMG, she calls her a Yoko because "she's Asian and she broke up our group." That's so offensive yet so funny.
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