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Mom Arrested for Cheering at Graduation

Mom Arrested for Cheering at Graduation

Can you imagine getting handcuffed at your child's graduation for cheering? 

South Carolina mom Shannon Cooper was stunned when she was escorted out of South Florence High School's graduation ceremony and booked for disorderly conduct — because she proudly cheered as her 18-year-old daughter walked across the stage to receive her diploma. As WWAY3 reports, police said that an announcement at the ceremony had warned that anyone who screamed would be escorted out of the building. 

Shannon responded: "Disorderly conduct? What's the disorderly conduct? How was I so disorderly, you know, any different from just a happy parent?"

The family's graduation celebration plans for the rest of the day had to be postponed.

Read the full story here (WWAY3)

Image Source: Via WWAY

Kristi82622 Kristi82622 5 years
She was cheering, and its not an offence punishable by arrest. Were the cops waiting in he wings for anyone who did this? My spouse is in security work and is training to get into law enforcement and reading this really got him angry about stupid people
CoMMember13628064790818 CoMMember13628064790818 5 years
Sad when you get arrested for cheering for your child . . . unless your cheering is so loud and obnoxious that you are preventing the other parents around you from hearing the name of their child called. C'mon, people! We've stopped living the golden rule and using manners and are only concerned about our own desires. If this woman was arrested for cheering, I'm sure she was so over-the-top that other parents were relieved to see her go. Good manners are the lubricant that prevents social chaffing!
CoMMember13630080170648 CoMMember13630080170648 5 years
There is a Church here in Sacramento where you are not allowed to clap your hands or dance while singing. That is just as dumb as not being able to show you're a proud parent..
ChristineFedie ChristineFedie 5 years
If cheering for my children is disorderly conduct I would've been escorted out of the high school gymnasium many times lol
LupeDiaz LupeDiaz 5 years
there's a big difference between simply being escorted out of a building vs. being arrested for 'disorderly conduct' ... seems like there's more missing to this story.
JenniferAletras JenniferAletras 5 years
Sad when you can't celebrate your child's accomplishments. Who cares if this woman was loud it was a graduation when parents should yell and scream in praise for their children.
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