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Mom Asked to Leave a Women-Only Gym for Breastfeeding

Mom Asked to Leave a Women-Only Gym for Breastfeeding

Just days after a technology teacher accused a Colorado school of firing her for pumping during breaks, a Houston-area mother is now finding herself at the center of another heated breastfeeding debate.

Penny Montgomery-Schlanser claims she was asked to leave the Pure Fitness for Women gym after breastfeeding her infant son in the “Kid’s Club” childcare area of the gym. "The top half of my shirt was covered and [my son] was over the bottom half covering everything else," she said. "I was nursing on the right side, and all the children were to the left."

A gym representative claims they only asked her to move to another area of the gym because there were other children in the room, including an 11 year old boy, where Penny was breastfeeding.


Read the whole story.

Do you think breastfeeding should only be allowed in specific areas?

Image Source: KHOU-11

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ShannonBonafede ShannonBonafede 5 years
Oh please people really? What are we afraid of seeing? I don't mind the mothers who don't want to be looked at... but honestly if it were legal for women to walk around without a shirt I would. Why is it okay for men but not women? Breasts are for feeding babies... it is only society that makes them sex objects.
ConniePayne44439 ConniePayne44439 5 years
This is all about women being seen as objects. We, and our bodies, are only for sex. Americans think this is a normal and natural attitude. I was one generation of women who fought the "establishment" to return to breastfeeding. At that time doctors (overwhelming male) were telling women that bottle feeding was better and more advanced. btw, did you know that in countries where women are covered from head to toe, they can feed their infants in plazas? Men, other women and children are taught to avert their eyes.
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