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Mom Attaches Baby to Wedding Dress

Bride-to-Be Ties Her Baby to Her Wedding Gown!

Most brides visit the jewelry store to find something new to wear on their big day, but Shona Carter-Brooks had a different accessory in mind. The Tennessee bride tied her 1-month-old daughter, Aubrey, to the train of her gown and dragged her down the aisle.

The fashion statement quickly made its way to social media, where many commented that it was, "cruel," "unsafe," and "stupid." One Twitter user was in the minority, writing that, "It is awesome that this amazing mother wanted to have her baby involved." Carter-Brooks responded to her critics on Facebook, writing that the Aubrey was, "awake and well secured on my train," and that, "everything worked out fine."

Maybe Carter-Brooks should have registered for a Baby Bjorn instead of some flatware — just saying!

Source: Twitter user 951wape

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LaraWelter LaraWelter 3 years

Ooh, the baby in place of a bouquet would have been cute AND clever! Maybe even have the baby in a little flower dress or something. :)

LaraWelter LaraWelter 3 years

The general idea of including the newborn in the wedding is cute, but tying her to the train and dragging her on the floor is definitely not the best way to go about it. Hold her or have her nestled in a baby basket at least!

RachelHeng63810 RachelHeng63810 3 years

this is outright unsafe! yes baby was ok but does it mean it is ok to do such a thing? what if something happens? accident happens and while we can't predict or prevent them, we should not allow ourselves to not be able to react quickly when it happens. what if a fire suddenly breaks out while they were walking down the aisle? with everyone panicking, how many will remember or even notice the baby at the end of the dress and save the baby first before running for safety?

while i don't exactly blame the mummy (she is after all a new mummy and a bride, there is a lot on a plate to bite and handle, so she might not have put deep thoughts about this action), i'm surprised that her family and friends allow this to happen!

ambermoore27393 ambermoore27393 3 years

I wonder if her guests were warned, because if I had been at that wedding and no one warned me I would have probably stopped the wedding and been like "hey you left your baby on the back of your dress!" hope this wedding came with a disclaimer.

ambermoore27393 ambermoore27393 3 years

let me just say, I have a 5 y/o daughter and I don't beat my child!!!!!! Your just as dumb as this chick dragging her newborn on the floor for saying that. I have common sense and know how STUPID it is to DRAG A NEWBORN BABY ACROSS THE FLOOR! this is insane! and I feel pity for the innocent baby.

ambermoore27393 ambermoore27393 3 years

Um, ignorant people should not procreate. And the "oh, everything turned out fine" people, Yeah LUCKILY! But that was a potentially dangerous situation she put her newborn in. She dragged her newborn on a floor that who knows what has been on it. the baby wasn't even somewhere in which the mother could see her. This has got to be the stupidest thing I've seen this year. Yeah there are worse things a parent could do and if someone were to post a picture of it I would say something about that too.

ElizabethRiojas1390015683 ElizabethRiojas1390015683 3 years

I think that if she wanted to include her baby in the wedding, she could have had her bridesmaid hold the baby instead of flowers.I do also think that it was great that she wanted to include her baby in the wedding. I personally wouldn't have done it that way but hey to each their own.

MichellevanKervel MichellevanKervel 3 years

She could easily have included the baby as her "Bouquet". Imagine that poor little body, bumping down the aisle.

LaustCawz LaustCawz 3 years

Does this mean the honeymoon's gonna be a three-way??

DianeBenjamin DianeBenjamin 3 years

wow that sucks for the baby.. Once again, the baby has no one to watch him......

JanetSalmon JanetSalmon 3 years

CRUEL, CHILD WELFARE,BABY BEING DRAGGED, You people are crazy. The baby was safe and I'm sure the baby didn't ride there all day. It was for the ceremony and I think it was OK. Let's worry about something more important when it comes to children. Not a special time for her and her parents during the walk down the isle.

RoseKriberscheck RoseKriberscheck 3 years

You will always remember your wedding day,You thought it out and made a decision.
Congratulations on your wedding and on motherhood! NOW is when U r in for the ride of YOUR life. Enjoy every minute!! oxox Mother of 3 grown just sayin'

KristiKamp KristiKamp 3 years

This was just outright stupid... cruel- no. .. I wouldn't say it was cruel... But definitely unsafe and stupid... it's awesome she wanted to incorporate the baby into the wedding but there were definitely smarter alternatives... how about a white moby wrap that went with the gown and was decorated just for the baby??? For my wedding ceremony, since I did a civil ceremony before hubby deployed, I was going to have a white radio flyer wagon decked out in flowers with her cousin riding in it too pulled down the aisle by the maid oh honor.. my sister (and the other little girls mommy).. and both would have been my flower girls... I never ended up having a ceremony though

SusyGolden1396530073 SusyGolden1396530073 3 years

Child welfare should be paying a visit to this obviously ignorant and uncaring "mother". That is just flat stupid what she did and if she wanted the child in the ceremony, how about carrying the baby in her arms. Shame on her.

MaryLee3143 MaryLee3143 3 years

Just because it "turned out O.K." doesn't mean it was. A 1 month old baby should NOT be dragged at all! How many things could have gone wrong? Too many to list here. Mom really wasn't thinking when she did this.

BonnieLand BonnieLand 3 years

I dont think its cruel. The baby is OK. Charming? no totally not. How about tacky!

DebPlum DebPlum 3 years

The guy in the back row on the right isn't quite sure what is going on..........LOL

JaneSapeg JaneSapeg 3 years

I dont know who is more STUPID the girl dragging her baby or the people watching it happen and think its ok?!?!?!

KarinVanDalen KarinVanDalen 3 years

There are other ways to get your children involved. Definitely not something I would have done.

KimWellborn KimWellborn 3 years

Oh, no! What was she thinking! The baby is fine, stop being so judgmental. It might not be something I would do, but everything turned out okay. Save that outrage for parents that are actually harming their children.

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