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After a Bus Driver Sent Her Girl Home in Tears, 1 Mom Had a "Radical" Solution

When Holly Wright's daughter got off the school bus "embarrassed and in tears," this Texas mom had an initial response: the need to protect and defend her daughter.

Holly took a breath and remained calm as 14-year-old Lexi explained that her bus driver stopped the bus in the middle of the route to yell at her for "10 minutes" in front of all of the other kids because she was sitting on her knees braiding a friend's hair. "The woman, in anger, continued to tear Lexi down with unnecessary words and her delivery was completely uncalled for," Holly wrote on Facebook.

Holly explained that after Lexi calmed down, they talked about the dangers of her sitting on her knees and then she asked if Lexi wanted to do something "radical" about the situation. "How about you respond to your bus driver in LOVE because she clearly was lacking it today!" Holly suggested. "All she knew to dish out was anger and frustration. How about tomorrow morning you present her with freshly baked cookies and a hug!"


Lexi loved her mom's unexpected idea and asked if they could start baking right away. "That next morning when Lexi handed her bus driver those cookies, the woman sat there in disbelief because she knew in her heart of hearts that she overreacted in pure anger and foolishness. Yet Lexi humbly came to her, in love," Holly shared. "Trust me when I say, those cookies spoke a million words! The bus driver asked Lexi, 'Can I have a hug too?' . . . And just like that, PEACE entered in!"

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