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Mom Banned From School For Facebook Post

Facebook Post Gets Mom Banned From School

Moms don't always make the best Facebook decisions (remember the "toddler bashers"?). But sometimes, the backlash doesn't seem justified. Tanya Mount has been banned from her daughter's school after posting a photo of her gun permit on Facebook. Mount, a volunteer at McBean Elementary school and a U.S. Army veteran, was issued a criminal trespass warning and told that the principal was frightened by the fact that she owns a gun.

To see what Mount and the school district have to say about this decision, read the full story at The Stir.

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NCChris1968 NCChris1968 3 years
This is beyond ridiculous. This is in line with the police officer who dropped his child off at school in full uniform with his sidearm (since he was going on duty) and was told by the Principal that he couldn't drop or pick up his child in uniform, armed because it "scares" people. Absolutely ridiculous. She is a LEGAL gun owner, and she posted a pic of her permit. And? It sounds like another parent, who either doesn't like her or is a drama queen (or king) saw it, and they made such an issue of it that the Principal overreacted to quiet the Negative Nancy/Norman. And, why was she issued a "criminal trespass warning"? For being a legal gun owner? She never stated she brought a firearm on school property, so what is she receiving the trespass warrant for? For being a LEGAL gun owner with a PERMIT? Mrs Mount needs to contact the NRA, get a lawyer, and start civil proceedings against the Principal, and the school. And, she needs to remove her daughter from this school, and place her in another district. The Principal overstepped her bounds, infringed upon Mrs Mounts rights, and is attempting to slander and create a hostile environment for her daughter through her outrageous actions.
DawnFreeman40650 DawnFreeman40650 3 years
Quoting" Rebelling 5 days "BOTTOM LINE! THE PRINCIPLE HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO BAN HER! THAT IS THE FEDERAL NO TOLERANCE LAW! SHE LEFT THEM NO CHOICE BY MAKING SUCH A STUPID CHOICE!" Sweetheart, over 200 years before we had to be all "touchy-feely" and try not to offend anyone for any reason at any time, any where, we had--AND STILL HAVE!!!--the Federal Constitution of the United States, in which we are given the right to own AND BEAR arms!! The principle should be drawn and quartered!!
L15068776 L15068776 3 years
first of all I think this is stupid, over half my friends and family have them. she wasn't going anything wrong but being proud of something she eared, because for those of you who don't know you cant just go in and say I want one it's not that easy! I don't even care if the gun was in her car for the sake of god, she has it to protect herself, family and others if she feels the need to. I'am a mother, aunt, sister, grand daughter, girlfriend and friend. I would do whatever it take to make sure my family and others families are safe too. for those of you that don't watch the news there was another school shooting in Pittsburgh where I live? do you think you would want someone around like her in case this happens at that school? because by the time the cops and stuff are called that's more lives in danger then anything, I think what happened was wrong and it's just how I think but I think every school should have people with GP's there just in case because it seems to be getting worse everyday and people would know there loved ones our safe.
BirdiCaim BirdiCaim 3 years
ABSOLUTELY rediculous. The licensed people are the ones we WANT to be carrying guns. Not the people trying to kill other people who never announce that they are armed. The principal is a moron.
SandyLora SandyLora 3 years
Mom has a right to post stuff on Facebook or any other site. The Principal has NO right to ban her from the school or anywhere else! Oh my, the Principal is in fear of her life? Tanya doesn't carry her gun to school. Duh. That would be stupid. My advice is for Tanya to hire an attorney and sue the idiotic Principal for defamation of character and whatever else she can sue for. I'm surprised the Principal didn't expel the child from school. Fire the Principal. We do still have some rights and to be banned from a Facebook post .... way out of line!! Go Tanya!!
Joquena Joquena 3 years
Having a gun and taking it to school are two separate issues. I have drawers full of cooking knives in my kitchen, if I post a photo of those does that mean I'm too dangerous to enter the school?
Rebelling Rebelling 3 years
CarlaKing1370636909 CarlaKing1370636909 3 years
Last I checked it was her right to own a gun. She should not be punished for being proud to own a gun. I bet their is a large number of parents whose children attend that school who own guns and have for years.
AshleyBurt AshleyBurt 3 years
This is crazy. Did that principal know that not all people that own guns are criminals or maniacs, or that every single person in Switzerland is trained to use a gun and issued a gun in school? This is absolutely bogus.
jaymegangone jaymegangone 3 years
everyone has something too say butt think banned from school cause of a permit. well atlease you no she as 1 what bout the ones who dont hav a permit. those r the one who will get a way if they do something bad.i think it would feel safer knowing theres a permit than not its not like shes showing off her guns like shes gonna do something plus shes a vet. get real. by the way maybe you should check all your staff i bet one of them hav a permit well hopfully they do. an make sure you fire them for there permit cause they r dealing with our children in large numbers. yet i cant say much more for not having the full story.
Sarah15038268 Sarah15038268 3 years
I get that she shouldn't be banned from school and they shouldn't have done that. If I were the principal I would apologize to this woman and accept her back as a volunteer. But, I do think it's stupid to post your gun permit on fb. Not everything needs to go on fb! And, I am not against guns! Please don't hate me for my opinion! Thanks.
CoMMember13613660115019 CoMMember13613660115019 3 years
I am completely against regular citizens having guns, but since it's not against the law, I really don't see how the school can ban you for posting a permit. It is a huge overreach. I mean, goodness! She didn't bring the gun to school. smh. This story just gives gun owners ammunition to use to justify their claims of "crazy liberals" who want to take their guns.
anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 3 years
@CherylStrickland16194: your comment made a lot of sense and no one else has considered this point of view. No one except the people involved know the entire story and you have given a logical and objective perspective to this argument. Everyone is very quick to judge the principal who is probably thinking about the sanity of this woman and the safety of the kids and staff at the school.
HeidiCounterman HeidiCounterman 3 years
I'm just curious to know how many employees at that school have gun permits...and if they start banning parents who have them, would it be safe to say a whole lot of banning would be going on? This is crazy. What's next??!!
jasmineLeffler jasmineLeffler 3 years
I'm husband is an Army too..and yet we don't own gun in the house!
AmandaElHassan AmandaElHassan 3 years
Sharon you clearly don't live in Sydney. There have been MANY recent shootings that have been gang related. While I personally don't agree with America's gun laws, I do think that this principal took the wrong course of action. This woman is an army veteran. I would hardly think of her as a risk.
StephanieMadden23376 StephanieMadden23376 3 years
This is stupid!! Doesn't anyone read the Constitution....Seriously if everyone that owned a gun used it to harm another person then the world would have a lot less people. Also, the lady is an army she risked her life for that woman's the hell does that make her a danger? She should be thanking her not banning her....also in light of all of the school shootings she should welcome a trained professional in her school......SMH
Jaxson15037533 Jaxson15037533 3 years
This is so stupid. The public school system had failed period.
TaraFlanigan TaraFlanigan 3 years
This is the ignorant principal is not afraid knowing she's in a foreign country risking her life to protect the principals freedom to herself get a gun permit if she wishes but because a mother and soldier get a gun permit she is now suddenly not fit to be around children who's lives she's protecting by serving in the military? How ass backwards is this woman? I personally do not and would not own a gun and have serious issues with private citizens having them...however that is her right, does she ban police from the school as well because they are "scary". Somebody smack that front of the kids so they can see what should happen to stupid.
MichelleJohnson79602 MichelleJohnson79602 3 years
It's ridiculous!It was a pic of a legal permit. Key word legal. School has no right to ban her. If I were that mom I'd raise cain!
MichelleJohnson79602 MichelleJohnson79602 3 years
It's ridiculous!It was a pic of a legal permit. Key word legal. School has no right to ban her. If I were thar mom I'd raise cain!
SharonLetchford SharonLetchford 3 years
American gun laws are so stupid. You don't hear of people shooting other people in Australia. I don't know whether a school here would ban a parent for posting this on Facebook, but you can bet all her friends would be telling her how inappropriate the post is and she'd get some pretty serious rancour from some quarters - and rightly so.
polska7princess polska7princess 3 years
Yeah, not legal or correct. The principle sounds like a person with an agenda. It's none of his/her business WHAT a parent posts in Facebook, unless it's direct threats against the school or its students. Beyond that, the Constitution protects freedom of speech/expression, AND the private ownership of firearms. It doesn't matter why the mother posted her gun permit. That is her business, no one else's. Questioning her motives is ridiculous. It's none if our business, and we should butt out.
AmandaS24396 AmandaS24396 3 years
What is wrong with that principle? So she has a gun permit, so she posted it online what the hell is the problem. So many people post pics of them doing stupid stuff like getting drunk or smoking weed. I for one have had friends post that online. I had friends post pics of their permits online and people were saying congrats lets go hunting. Or congrats teach me how to shoot. As a family who owns guns should I be banned from my sons school for having weapons in my home? Should my brother be kicked out of the military for posting pics of his gun collection of facebook. No! Just because you would never do it doesn't me other people wont. Maybe she was celebrating getting it. My gosh people lighten up it isn't like she posted the pic with a comment saying going to use this on someone. People are so scared of everything theses days.
Jack14918560 Jack14918560 3 years
OK I think the school prinny went way overboard (criminal trespass for a pix of a permit?) in banning Mama from the school (This is the 21st Century not the 12th, ain't it?) because everyone seems to own firearms or some sort of weapon! You don't eh? Well then what do you have in your kitchen? Knives, I'd bet. They are weapons dear friends. How about the idjits that post pix of the guns online, not the permits? Mama at least was showing her good citizenship and compliance w/ the law but I have to ask Why? I mean why post a pix of a gun permit? What's next? Marriage licenses? DLs? And Mama- that permit has your personal information on it including your SS# which you have just shared with all of Terra who reads your FB page! That honey is just plain baka stupid! All I posted online once was a provocative anime babe's pix (on EONS) and I almost got banned for it! The pix of Yuri Donovan is in my FB albums and I don't think there is anything wrong with it. I'll post it on my FB page and you can judge for yourselves. Anyway I do feel we have way too much online security on the web and that Uncle Sam has way too much power over us online!- keimanzero
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