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Mom Banned from School for Defending Her Bullied Son

Mom Banned from School for Defending Her Bullied Son

What would you do if you found out that your child was being bullied on the school bus?

A Minneapolis mom, Tanya Sydney, has been banned from her 10 year-old's school bus stop and school grounds after dressing down bullies who were targeting him during his daily bus ride. She boarded the bus, told the bullies to keep their hands to themselves, and questioned the driver before she was told to leave. Two days later, she received a letter from school officials telling her to keep off school grounds.

According to CBS, a spokesman for the Minneapolis School Board has said, "‘Maintaining a safe and secure environment in the school district, including our school buses, is a top priority.'" Tanya Sydney finds the ban "mind boggling" in light of prevalent bullying, not just of her son, and has filed an appeal.

Via The Daily Mail

Would you confront a bully yourself to protect your child?

Image Source: The Daily Mail via CBS Minnesota

ginahanna47075 ginahanna47075 5 years
Those bus drivers don't care about our kids only thing on their minds is a pay check. My child is 9yrs old and took the school bus one time since she started school,her first day in kindergarten i rode the bus with her just to see how the bus route would be and that's the last time she took the bus to school(if you know what i mean) since that day i've been driving ny kids to school for the last 5years.
ginahanna47075 ginahanna47075 5 years
yes most definitely by any means, i'm a person who was once bullied in my childhood.
ShannonJulius ShannonJulius 6 years
I think she was 100% right because bullying has gotten so bad our children are committing suicide because they can not take it anymore. If a parent can't protect her child with the help of the school then why are we sending our children to unsafe environments. Children are supposed to be safe going to school, during school day and coming home from school. It's sad what our school systems are allowing and stating for safety, whose safety because it's not the bullied children for sure.
MicheleRae36843 MicheleRae36843 6 years
I just went through this EXACT same thing two weeks ago. My 2 girls came off the bus, telling me some older girl on the bus was sitting behind their brother on the bus & was poking him on the head all the way home from school despite repeated requests by him for her to stop. My son told the bus driver, in front of me, and so she walked to the back of the bus and moved the girl to another seat (they have assigned seating). On the walk home, the girls told me this had happened the day before & when my son told the driver she yelled at him to hurry up and get off the bus, she was late. Apparently because I was there the next day to walk with them, she acted like she was fixing the problem. The schools here have a "STRICT" no-bullying policy, yet that does not seem to stretch from the classrooms to the buses. The first week of school, some 5th grader was hitting a kindergartener in the chest and calling him names, and the driver never did anything. Then last week it happened again, as well as another 5th grade PUNK throwing a 1st grader's backpack under the seats and kicking it back and forth to another 5th grader on the bus so the little kid couldnt get it back. I called the school who did nothing. I called the bus company, who also did nothing. I tried to talk to the driver last week & she acted like I had no right saying anything to her because it wasnt my kid involved. NEWSFLASH - I have now pulled my kids out of public school, and am homeschooling them and they all three *NOW* tell me, they never felt safe on the bus or at school because of all the kids who bullied other kids. What the heck???
DonnaMichel DonnaMichel 6 years
Lets be real people...EVERY school says Oh we don't have a bullying problem in our school....hahahaha....Its just that they don't see or acknowledge the problem...Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I grabbed a boy who was bullying my son every day and dragged him to his house...told his mother to keep her little animal off of the bus until he could behave...She sued me...went to court...none of the other mothers at the stop would back me...the school said it was a private matter..but I did manage to get a letter saying blank blank was called down to the principles office on numerous occasions...To my shock, the judge scolded the mother of blank blank and told her if her son came before him again, both she and the boy would be in trouble....blank blank never bothered my son again.
symonejoseph symonejoseph 6 years
I'm sorry did i read this right that theschool board said "maintaining a safe and secure enviroment is a top priority"??? Uhmmm FOR WHO?! Obviously not for the children who are being bullied. Damn right she did the correct thing. She did not put her hands on anyone, she is trying to protecyt her child - which the school failed to do. Does the board not know how many children are commitg suicide from being bullied. She had no choice but to intervene. I would have and have done the same thing.
MariettaSole MariettaSole 6 years
I thoroughly back that mom up, she didn't touch the bully, she just warned him to stop the bullying, sometimes it becomes necessary for parents to become involved verbally because it appears that too often the adults in charge miss these opportunities because the bullies are very good at sneaking behind the backs of the adults in charge on the school grounds.
NikkiGipson19454 NikkiGipson19454 6 years
This story exemplifies our school systems' inability to clearly see the problem. My son has also been bullied at school and I've been fortunate to have school officials who were both aggressive and empathetic in handling my son's situation. The mom did what every loving, concerned parent would be compelled to do...protect her child. I totally support her decision in the face of impotent school officials who obviously have never experienced such heartbreak and torment. We pay our taxes into our school districts. We expect our children to be kept safe or interventions to be taken when that safety is threatened at the very least. The parents of the bullies are failing their children. I believe there should be penalties for bullying. Don't tell me not do my job as a parent just because you don't want to do yours. That mom has my total respect. - Nikki Gipson
ChristyBurns21050 ChristyBurns21050 6 years
An adult trying to control a child is a danger to the safety of the kids? What about the bullies? Did anyone try to stop that from happening? They should be banned from the bus!
BeverlyRich BeverlyRich 6 years
Safe environment lol what about the bullying..
AnnLeslie AnnLeslie 6 years
It does not say she threatened anyone, nor was physical. I think it is ridiculous. If a parent can't protect their child, who is going to?!
JamiNusz JamiNusz 6 years
What about a safe and secure environment for her son? If they weren't providing one then in my opinion she had every right to do something. Personally I would address the issue with the principle, school board and the head of transportation first. But if nothing was done I would do the same thing as she did along with filing a law suit against the school!
ShelleySmith76247 ShelleySmith76247 6 years
I have gotten on a school bus asked my daughter to point out who it was and told the child that I would be calling her parents...the bus driver told me he was also going to speak to her parents when he dropped her off and he long as you don't threaten or touch someone elses child it should be fine...if they get embarassed then maybe they will think twice about doing it again and will see how the child they're bullying feels too!
jessicachensut jessicachensut 6 years
i would have done the same thing. apparently the bus driver or the school are not doing anything to stop the bullying. they need to get stricker on the bullies or it will never stop.
EvaRuthJohnston EvaRuthJohnston 6 years
KristineMensching KristineMensching 6 years
As much as I would like to say I agree with this mother, I fund that I can't. She very well could have found herself in trouble for threatening a child. Unfortunately you have to go through appropriate channels and those channels can and will help protect your child and other children as well. My neighbor had a situation where her kindergartner was being bullied on the school bus to and from school. First she went to the child's mother and tried to discuss the issue mom to mom and was shut down. Then when it happened again she went to the school and filed a complaint on behalf of her child. The bully was stripped of his right to ride the school bus, period. THEN that other mom wanted to discuss the situation since she was inconvenienced by having to arrange alternative transportation for her bad child but it was too late. I say defend your child by all means but go through proper channels. There are too many people out there today with their hands on the phone ready to call the police and quick to run to a courthouse to file a suit against you. Let the school do its job and if you cannot get assistance at that level keep going a level higher until you get what you need.
LisaWicklund LisaWicklund 6 years
Oh yes I would..and after that I would be at the parents home dealing with them too. If safety is an issue to the kids...then why isn't the safety of that child being dealt with?
JeanneDanner JeanneDanner 6 years
Good for this mom. Schools do not take this kind of thing seriously. Too many kids are bullied causing severe emotional distress.
ErinBasford ErinBasford 6 years
Appalling! How many children have to kill themselves before school administrators see that this is an epidemic? Good for Tanya Sydney! I applaud her for taking it into her own hands and protecting her child.
KristenFowler74101 KristenFowler74101 6 years
I absolutely would have done exactly the same thing! Parents should be able to address the bus driver, as that person has the intial contact responsibility to care for your child on the way to and from school. Maybe the driver felt defensive because he or she was not caring for her child as he or she should have been. And shame on the bullies and their parents for not being proactive as well. Bullying is soooo over! Hooray for Tanya for having the guts to take a stand against bullying! After all, that is what we are trying to teach our children to do as well.
PamelaTunstall PamelaTunstall 6 years
I feel what she did should be commended. She di not physically touch any of the children she told them to leave her son alone, something the bus driver should have already brought to the school administration attention. It's so sad to know that children have to worry about bullies instead of theie classwork.
EricaVasquez46825 EricaVasquez46825 6 years
I'd be so angry as a Mother. So the school won't protect her son, and she can't protect him either?...... What is REALLY going on with this school system? I'd be soooo angry..
KrystalMann32384 KrystalMann32384 6 years
I was bullied on bus rides when i was a tiny thing....bus drivers just it happen! They can drive but have no training when it comes to children which i think should be mandatory. My kid wont ever ride a bus or go to school past a certain age.
mellydixon mellydixon 6 years
I would file a complaint with the police and relay all that I did to help defend my child. The school system is in need of a major slap on the hands for allowing bullying to go on at all...that including the bus driver. If the school will not protect your child, then they should not be open for business. Too many children are committing violent acts and/or suicide due to this topic. Time to put an end to it!
lelasmith95524 lelasmith95524 6 years
I have done this myself and the school said nothing to me. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. But the bullying didn't stop and I eventually had to move my son to another county to finish school. Way to go mom. We have to stand up for our kids because the schools won't do it!
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