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Mom Banned from School for Trying to Protect Her Daughter

Mom Banned from School for Trying to Protect Her Daughter

What would you do if your child's school was not protecting her from bullies? That's the question that Kathy Lindsay, a mom in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, is struggling to answer. The mom of two was banned from her children's school after accompanying her daughter to class to keep a group of bullies away from her.

According to Lindsay, the teasing and bullying started two years ago, when she and her family first moved into the Algoma School District. "This is a little girl who has been in a living hell for the last year," she told the SaultStar. 

The school district feels the issue has been addressed and refuses to continue discussing it, but Lindsay says the school board is simply not willing to help. She has pulled her two children from class for the final two weeks of the school year and plans to spend the summer evaluating private school and other options.


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How does your child's school deal with bullying?


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KarenDawkins20673 KarenDawkins20673 5 years
I am the mother of five beautiful children. I went through public school as a child and my husband did as well. My three oldest children also completed public school and went to college. My oldest daughter is a teacher.(in public school). When my youngest son began sixth grade I realized that our public schools have gone to hell in a hand basket! He is a very bright boy,outgoing and funny. One day I received a notice that my son would be spending a few days in detention. The letter stated that my son had bullied another student. I was mortified! Later, while talking to my son, the incident happened while he and a buddy were goofing around. My son placed a post-it note on the boys back that read "out of order". It was not malicious- just sixth graders joking around. He still had to do the detention time. Later that year the same son began having issues with a well known bully at this school and the boys Grandmother who worked at the school for many years. The boy would purposefully hit drinks out of my sons hand, call him names, even pulled is ID badge off of his neck and threw it over the fence. Absurdly NOTHING happened to this boy even after I made many phone calls and visits to the school. Fortunately, a new Christian school opened the next year. My two youngest children attend and continue to thrive! I can't begin to tell you how blessed we are to be out of public school!
AmberBariaktari AmberBariaktari 5 years
I really believe it wouldn't hurt to put a small hidden camera and record the bullying, then present that back to the school board with the proof that it still going on. Amber B.
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