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Mom Births Twins on Same Day in Two Different Countries

Mom Births Twins on Same Day in Two Different Countries

Yes, you read that headline correctly: a British mom, Donna Keenan, gave birth in two different countries earlier this week, which means her boy-girl twins, Dylan and Hannah, have different nationalities!

Donna Keenan, 28, gave birth to the first of her twins, Dylan Joseph, in her living room in Wooler, England, after going into labor while watching the Euro soccer finals with her boyfriend. The paramedics who were called to the scene and assisted with Dylan's birth felt that there was enough time to get the laboring mom to a hospital before she needed to start pushing out the next baby. They drove Keenan 40 miles to the aptly-named Borders General Hospital in Melrose, Scotland, and there, less than two hours after she gave birth to Dylan in England, Keenan gave birth to his sister, Hannah, in Scotland.

Read the whole story (BBC News)

Image Source: Donna Keenan via BBC News

PoliEster PoliEster 5 years
Dear American ladies, this a wonderfully idosyncratic story. But as I have read some of the comments I see there is misunderstanding of the actual situation. The twins have the same nationality and citizenship i.e. British as the were both born in the same nation i.e. the United Kingdom. I am sure that one being English and the other Scottish will be a source of much comment in their lives, I wish them and their mother all the best.
PatriciaMills19266 PatriciaMills19266 5 years
I have 16 year old twins that are 25 minutes apart at 5 weeks early and 5lbs 9oz and 5lbs 11oz.
KathleenGonzales KathleenGonzales 5 years
-_- my brother was born Jan 1995 my sister on November, people may say they are twins but they aren't. This ones just amazing, one born in Scotland and the other England, its cool.
KellieAllen10084 KellieAllen10084 5 years
I can not imagine having to wait to push the other baby out! I had twins 31 years ago and they were only 4 minutes apart. Mine were 6 weeks early so they were in a hurry to get them out! I saw the comment from Sarah Morey about hers being 2 hours apart and just can not imagine that! Sarah, your babies must have been full term and pretty good sized......
HollyMacNabb HollyMacNabb 5 years
That is fun! I'm sure twins love having something different than their twin counterpart.
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