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Mom Blames Judge for Involving Her in Daughter's Crude Punishment

Mom Blames Judge for Involving Her in Daughter's Crude Punishment

Mom Blames Judge for Involving Her in Daughter's Crude Punishment

Do teens learn anything from punishments that involve public humiliation?

When 7th District Juvenile Judge Scott Johansen asked Valerie Bruno to chop off her daughter's ponytail in court, she complied. After all, the Utah judge agreed to shorten the 13-year-old's community service sentence if the girl underwent this humiliating punishment at her mother's hands. The specifics of it were no accident: Bruno's daughter was in court because she'd cut off the hair of a 3-year-old and harassed another child by phone.

Valerie Bruno quickly regretted her cooperation and has filed a compliant against the judge. She told the Desert News, “An eye for an eye, that’s not how you teach kids right from wrong."

Read the whole story (The Washington Post).

Image Source: Wouter van Vliet via Flickr/Creative Commons

ReneeWells32491 ReneeWells32491 5 years
i put 3 comments on The Washington Post web site and becase they didnt like what i had to say the deleded it. postmoderator wrote: This comment has been deleted by a moderator for violating the site's discussion policy. renee responds: 2:52 AM CDT OH AND ONE MORE THING YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE MAKING THIS A religion THING GROW UP. WEATHER YOU HAVE RELIGION OR NOT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS GIRL HAVING A PARENT OR PARENTS WHO DON'T WANT TO TAKE THE TIME TO TEACH THE CHILD RIGHT FROM WRONG AND THEN WHEN THE CHILD DOES RIGHT YOU PRASIE THEM AND WHEN THE CHILD DO WRONG YOU PUNISH THEM NOT ABUSE. BUT THE PUNISHMENT SHOULD BE AS CLOSE TO WHAT THE CRIME WAS WITH IN REASON AD IF A PARENT CAN'T DEAL WITH THAT REPONSIBLITY THEN THEY SHOULD LOOK INTO PLACING THE CHILD WHERE THEY WILL BE TOUGHT THESE LEASONS. renee responds: 6:07 PM CDT gee i love how my1st post was deleted because i said CPS and the goverment officials were part of the problem with why kids can get away with all the bulling.WHAT HAPPENED TO FREEDOM OF SPEACH. OH THAT'S RIGHT IT'S ONLY FREEDOM OF SPEACH WHEN PEOPLE IN A STATE OR GOVERMENT POSTION ARE SPEAAKING.
MariahMaskey MariahMaskey 5 years
If she's escalating to tormenting 3 year old babies by age 13 they better start investigating her past and find the animals she's started torturing in the beginning. She's obviously got serious mental illness that needs to be addressed if she go ahead and follows imulses that she knows are wrong. I'm repulsed by the mother, she's worthless. If my 13 year old got caught doing something like this I'd kick her butt regardless of/in addition to what the judge decided. Heather Doherty, yes we're mothers of children, not social workers, etc THAT'S WHY WE'RE SO DISGUSTED. They were NOT a couple little kids playing barbershop, it was a 13 year old abusing her power against a little child...COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Your "Mormon" man marrying a bunch of wives comment proves how incredibly uninformed you are. Those men are NOT Mormon, they're part of radical sects.
christywilson35077 christywilson35077 5 years
Eye for eye tooth for tooth every1 is entitled to different views but all of the bickers irrelevant when it comes right down to the consequences of our actions
MariahOsbornGoltz MariahOsbornGoltz 5 years
All other circumstances aside, this was an option taken by an adult. No one forced her hand, no one made her do it, no one held a gun to her head. Regardless of whether or not it was appropriate for the judge to suggest such a punishment, the mother CHOSE to do this. In that respect, it is HER fault for whatever she now feels. This country has ceased, in many aspects, to hold people personally accountable for their is evident by the fact that this woman did what she did and then turned around and filed a complaint because she did it. She very easily could have refused and then filed the same complaint, but she wanted the reduced sentence, so she went against her better judgement, committed the act and then cried wolf? I do believe that there's a saying about not being able to have your cake and eat it too. If we as a society spent more time holding people personally responsible for their own stupidity and less time making laws to protect us from our own, we'd be better off.
AnnemarieMcIntyre AnnemarieMcIntyre 5 years
It was the mother that cut her hair!, The judge didn't make her, the mother didnt want her daughter to do commuity service so she took the easy way out. Shes an idoit.
NicoleWinter11247 NicoleWinter11247 5 years
I disagree with this judge's decision. I'm not supporting the mother or the bully, however, (before you guys jump down my throat for being a bully-sympathizer,) I just disagree with the tact that he took. First... this little girl, who was only three years old, had no one there looking on while her hair was cut off her head. It must have been utterly terrifying for her, to have someone wield that kind of power over her. Having your hair cut off by your mom? In a courtroom of onlookers? Not so terrifying. Perhaps humiliating, sure... but it's hair, and as a teen you realize it will grow back and the person who's wielding the scissors isn't going to hurt you. Now a three year old child? They don't know that. This young woman... she made a decision to maliciously change this little girl's life by chopping her hair off. Having her own hair chopped off may be embarrassing, but it is in NO way equivalent to what that little girl went through and is going to continue to go through. (Toddlers are afraid of getting their hair cut enough without little punk teenagers running amok with scissors.) How is this *really* teaching her, or her mother anything? She can get her community service reduced by being humiliated? She doesn't need to be held as responsible for her actions as long as she pays "face value" "respect" to what her actions caused? Lastly, a teenager bullying a toddler is psychotic. This young woman needs to be put in treatment, the kind of behavior she has exhibited, (needless to say, NOT been held accountable for,) is a harbinger of serious mental illness. This isn't a simple case of "kids picking on kids," or being a "bully" ... she CUT OFF the hair of a three year old child. That is messed up. I apologize for the length of my post... but I just wanted to put this out there, I understand where you guys are coming from but I'd much rather see the teen get what she really deserves: a LONG stint of community service and psychological treatment.
RachelPaul53527 RachelPaul53527 5 years
In response to the mother's comment, "yes, sometimes you do!"
CindyJackson72211 CindyJackson72211 5 years
she got what she deserved after all she did this 2 a 3 yr old NOT a child her age & of equal size!! the mom needs 2 grow up!!
LauraCaraway LauraCaraway 5 years
i say kudos to the judge for such an appropriate punishment! the mother NEEDS to take part in the punishment for something like that. lol...(insert sarcastic font) oooh poor mommy of a bully chose to teach her child a lesson in public rather than let her kid get a worse punishment from the courts...whatever has this world come to!!!
DonnaMcNeil DonnaMcNeil 5 years
Don't play the victim, lady! Your daughter got off easy! She did the same thing to a defenseless 3 year old! It must have been a lot more frightening for that baby than a teen getting her hair cut from her mommy! If you would have raised your daughter correctly and disciplined her appropriately in the past... It may have not gotten to this point! Leave the clever judge alone already.
edelordinario edelordinario 5 years
If the parents can't discipline their children, others should.... Would this mother have preferred other people to do the cutting for her? I think the judge should have given the parents equal punishments as the daughter since they also failed (with a red fat "F") on this one.
DesireeThompson25556 DesireeThompson25556 5 years
I feel that the punishment fits the crime in this case. Bullying is out of hand and is one of the things that I will not tolerate from my child or from other children. Parents need to learn to PARENT their children and not strive just to be their friend. There is no harm in punishing your child for their wrongs, it teaches them that there are rules and consequences for both good and bad behavior. As adults we have to answer for our wrongs and face punishments as harsh as life in prison or even death if we do not follow the laws (rules). Look at the world around us right now, the lack of respect towards others and personal property, personal responisibility,and the increase of violence (just to name a few things) that seem to become more and more out of control every year. Personally I say it's because slowly our parental rights are being taken away from us to teach our children right from wrong in the way we see fit, yet the government is the first to point their fingers at the parents for all the juvenile criminals in the system who later become adult offenders. I take my hat off to this judge for making the punishment fit the crime and I pray that this young lady was greatly impacted by this punishment and will think twice before bullying any one else or committing any other crime for that fact.
GabrielleWolfStahl GabrielleWolfStahl 5 years
wow..nice mom to be supporting and enabling her cruel and bullying teen... well now we know where the little brat learned it....
KellieHines KellieHines 5 years
i completely agree with the judges decision and if it had been my daughter i would have complied willingly, that little girl needs to learn that bullying any child especially a three year old is not acceptable and that there are concequences for such actions. i bet that girl will not do it again
aprilFlores43061 aprilFlores43061 5 years
The mom has no right to be mad at the judge or the court. How could she be so unaware of how her child is behaving. She is the problem and the daughter should know right from wrong. What kind of parent doesn't teach that to her kids. How can she say it was not the right punishment for her daughter. She is 13 years old, to torment a 3 year is like me a 24 year old tormenting her 13 year old. What is wrong it that picture. 10 years of age difference, 10 more years to develop in strength, mental, and power. What is fair about that. As a mother that little girl got off easy if I was the judge.. off to military school for her and for the mother, community service plus payments. ... And by the way if the mother sees this and I hope she does.. I pray to GOD you learn to teach your children better or else they are going to be in jail later on if they act like that.
JanineHughey JanineHughey 5 years
I read a lot of your posts and I can honestly say that I am so proud that there was not 1 post in support of the Mom of the bully. For the most part American Mom's are good role models and are raising good children. There is hope for our great country. Thank you and Happy 4th of July!
PatriciaFitzgerald49993 PatriciaFitzgerald49993 5 years
If that was my 3 year old and some rotten kids came at her with a scissors and cut any part of her, I would be that judges worst night mare unless he really punished her and send the mother to Parenting school. Plus I'd make the mother and daughter pay all court and lawyer fees and costs.
RosalynHunter74852 RosalynHunter74852 5 years
No sympathy for the daughter - at 13 she's old enough to know right from wrong and to pick on a 3 year old is just disgusting!
Amandabrooke Amandabrooke 5 years
I would have let the three year old little girl cut the thirteen yr olds hair off.We grew up being to "do on to other as you want other to do on to you" what happened to teaching our children that( and I am only 30 yrs old) I have two girls and they would never think to do anything like this. it's sicking!!!!!!
AllannaD AllannaD 5 years
No sympathy for this mother or her daughter what so ever. If the child she raised was willing to cut the hair of a toddler off for kicks, then she should have to deal with the punishment as well. That's what's wrong with so many kids today, their parents are willing to shelter them and coddle the way through life so they grow up spoiled with no respect for anybody
DelinaBeals DelinaBeals 5 years
This mom is ridiculous!! What kind of mom thinks it's okay to chop a 3 year old's hair off and not get proper punishment or humiliation. What kind of person chops a toddler's hair off ? I definitely would have suggested more than hair chopping for the teens
dezinediva dezinediva 5 years
I do think it's weird to make her cut off her daughter's hair in court, but what the heck type of 13 year old bullies a 3 year old? And YES MOM it IS an eye for an eye, what is wrong with this mom that she thinks it's not????
RichelleConkling RichelleConkling 5 years
A teen bullying a toddler????? I'd do a little more than just cut her hair off.
AlisaCarrasco AlisaCarrasco 5 years
umm, I would have asked the judge to keep the community time as her sentence (or possibly extend it) as I am cutting off my child's hair!!! BULLYING SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED!!!
LorraineBilotti LorraineBilotti 5 years
This mom if you want to call her that is a joke. Does she not understand HER daughter cut the hair of a 3 year old. That is ok in her little SICK mind. I hope she has to pay for all the time courts time her her lame excuses...she is a bad mom
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