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Card-Carrying Mom: Business Cards For Parents

It's the classic mom meets mom story. You're at the playground, park, or library and your tot has found his new BFF. They're singing, playing — even sharing — so you casually introduce yourself to the kid's mom. Miracle of miracles, you two get along as well as your kids do. Just as you're getting past the prerequisite small talk to the good stuff, it's time to go. Your kids clearly adore each other, and you want to see them both again. Now what? Dig for a pen and paper? Fumble with your iPhone? Or just hand over a "mommy card," a business card with your contact info, with a casual, "let's get together for a playdate"?

They may sound silly, but in the rush to get out of the park before a toddler tantrum occurs, or just to make things easier, mom cards are designed to help mamas out when they're making new friends. Interested parents have plenty of cards to choose from, depending on how much information they really want to share with every random nice-seeming person they meet. While kids are certainly an important part of most parents' identities, not all moms and dads want to be known as "(Mom's Name), mommy to (Child's Name) and (Child's Name)."

Keep reading for some options for moms (or dads!) looking for another way to navigate the playground scene.

  • Vistaprint: Vistaprint is a longtime online purveyor of regular, affordable business cards, and seeing the opportunity, it jumped on the mommy card bandwagon. It now offers tons of cute design templates for mom cards that are easy to customize and order online.
  • The Mommy Card: Run by an actual mommy, The Mommy Card features well-designed templates for moms and dads. Parents have the option of including one or several photographs on the card or none at all.
  • Paperlicious Momager Cards: Paperlicious calls its version "momager calling cards," and its designs are pretty simple and clean looking. They get points for using 100 percent recycled fiber paper.
  • Moritz Mommy Cards: Artistic types will appreciate the Moritz designs (pictured), which are beautifully detailed and sophisticated.
  • A Touch of Whimsy: These mommy cards are hip and modern, featuring bold argyle patterns and the super trendy owl motif.

No doubt responses will be mixed. What do you think? Would you carry mommy cards?

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aembry396 aembry396 5 years
At first, I thought this was crazy...but I am getting into the toddler play time with my daughter...and meeting random people at the park. Since I travel all the time, I don't have a local number and address, but this with an email is nice when you are scrambling for the iphone and your kid. I can't decide if this makes the mom seem "really together" or "kinda silly"
erniew erniew 5 years
If you don't want to give people your professional card, having a personal card is a great way to go. I do not want people emailing me at work about play dates, my kids etc. And I do not use my work email for anything that's personal in natures.
Natasha-Dantzig Natasha-Dantzig 5 years
I totally get why people think they're sort of silly, but I think they actually make sense and if everyone was using them, then probably everyone would use them. But it wold be weird to be the only mom pull out a card when everyone else is exchanging numbers.
lickety-split lickety-split 5 years
i had these when my girls were little (under 5). i gave out very few. its kind of weird..... ours were bright yellow and to make them less serious i put "mom to Kelly, (future circus star)" on the cards. i didn't want to put our address on them so i listed my cell and "Lawrence Park neighborhood". vista print runs specials all the time. cards are usually free. shipping less than $2
Coffeetalkie Coffeetalkie 5 years
I can see how a stay-at-home would want something like this. I always wonder what people would throw in the "win a free lunch" fishbowl if they didn't work in an office. I can see my neighbor (who is THE stay at home mom and makes it look easy) really liking this idea! For me, probably not so much though.
arand arand 5 years
This is one of the most pretentious things I've ever seen.
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