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Did This Mom Go Too Far Calling the Police Over a Playground Dispute?

I don't know about your playground, but around here, the swings are the main attraction. From the moment the park gates are unlocked, there is a line of parents and kids patiently waiting their turn for a few minutes of swinging fun. And, for the most part, parents are respectful of the line and only allow their kids a few minutes of swing time so others may have a turn. But other parents may not be so respectful.

A Sydney, Australia, mom recently posted this status update on her Facebook page:

"I was just at the park & the police arrived. Seemingly a Mother was pushing her little girl on a swing when a Father approached & said he was also waiting for the swing. The Mother replied that they would be another 5 minutes or so. The Father proceeded to stop the swing in motion & tried to lift the daughter out!

"The Mother was very upset & called the police. Another parent in the park thought this was a little over board.

"What would you do?!? Would you call the police?"

According to The News, the mother was scared that the father would get physical with her or other people in the park because he had tried to lift her daughter out of the swing. Police confirm they visited the park but said neither party wanted to make a claim, so there would be no further action. Comments on the Facebook post and the news article run the gamut — some saying the mom overreacted by calling the cops and others saying she had to do so because there was an imminent threat.

What do you think?

Image Source: Flickr user tanakawho
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AmyHaywood AmyHaywood 2 years

I have been in a similar situation where a man decided to pick my son up in an indoor play ground. I didn't call the police however mall security did and he was almost charged with attempted kidnapping. It is never ok to put your hands on a child. He is lucky she only called the police and didn't just punch him in the nose!

Amy68419 Amy68419 2 years

If someone came over and tried to take my child out of the swing I would have jumped him. He had no right to come over and stop the swing and get someone else's child out.

JaymeWarren JaymeWarren 2 years

I might be in the minority but should anyone lay a hand on my child I consider it an imminent threat and I believe the mother handled it with restraint by involving the police to settle the matter instead of just laying the man out.

KimWollenberg KimWollenberg 2 years

I think if he actually tried to dump the child off the swing then she probably had the right to involve the police. I realize it was probably a little overboard but there was no way of telling if the man would get more aggressive or not. It's better to have the police on the way just in case.

Rachel14425030 Rachel14425030 2 years

It would NOT be okay for some strange man to put his hands on my child. Wow. :O

EvaSchmidt851 EvaSchmidt851 2 years

Yes, no touching my child...I probably would not call but I would give him a lesson!

LaDonnaStephens LaDonnaStephens 2 years

I think that the moment he put his hands on her little girl, he was way out of bounds, and she was right to call police.

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