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A Mom's Campaign to Save Lives and Honor Her Daughters

A Mom's Campaign to Save Lives and Honor Her Daughters

A Mom's Campaign to Save Lives and Honor Her Daughters

Should rental car companies be allowed to rent cars that have been recalled?

To many, the answer seems like a no-brainer. But as a California mom named Cally Houck discovered in a tragic way, Enterprise doesn’t agree.  

As ABC News reports, Houck's two daughters were killed in 2004 when the Chrysler PT Cruiser they rented from Enterprise — which was under a safety recall for a known fire hazard — caught fire and crashed into an oncoming semi-tractor trailer.

Enterprise currently opposes legislation that would require rental companies to fix recalled cars before renting them to customers. Houck is launching a petition for Enterprise and other car rental companies to lift that opposition. If car rental companies are allowed to continue to rent recalled cars, she fears that her daughters will become "mere statistics."


Read or watch the full story here (ABC News)

When you rent a car, do you ask the agent whether it has been recalled?

Image Source: Courtesy the Houck Family via ABC News

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pixiedust8 pixiedust8 5 years
Good lord! How is that not against the law? This poor woman and her poor daughters.
EmilyFriedly EmilyFriedly 5 years
Enterprise is a horrid company. I had to rent a car from the one in Snohomish, WA, and they "lost" personal belongings and had the most horrible customer service imaginable. I won't go back, and this article just proves how awful they are.
MissyFasenmyer MissyFasenmyer 5 years
OMG. I rented a car from Enterprise that also caught on fire!! This was back in 2001. We were very lucky. We were on the interstate and smoke started pouring out of the dashboard. We were about 100 yards or so from a rest stop. By the time we pulled in there was flames coming out from under the dashboard. There were tractor trailers all around us & we had to wake all of the truckers since it was early. The car ended up burning to the frame. We called Enterprise from the scene & they refused to arrange for a way for us to even get home. We ended up paying one of the truckers to take us (they offered to do it for free but we didn't feel right). Then to top it off their insurance company told me I was trying to make money off of the incident because I wanted the full amount needed to replace everything that was damaged, including Christmas presents of my 5 yr old son that he had gotten 3 weeks earlier. I will never rent from Enterprise again. The obviously have not changed a thing since out fire. We found out that the car we rented had also been recalled for a manufactureres' defect.
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