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Mom Criticized After Helping 7-Year-Old Lose 16 Pounds

Mom Criticized After Helping 7-Year-Old Lose 16 Pounds

Writer Dara-Lynn Weiss has struggled with her own weight for years, so when her pediatrician warned her that her 7-year-old daughter was clinically obese and on a dangerous path, she put her on a Weight Watcher's diet designed specfically for kids.

Though difficult for both Weiss and her daughter Bea to follow, the rigorous program has helped Bea drop 16 pounds over the course of a year.

That success has been complicated: Weiss, who shared the story in Vogue magazine's April issue, is being criticized for fostering "a negative approach to food" by emphasizing calorie counts and more moderate eating.


Read the whole story (Daily Mail)

What's the best way to help a child lose weight?

Image Source: Facebook via Daily Mail

RavenDietrich15668 RavenDietrich15668 5 years
This woman is not being criticized for helping her daughter lose weight. She's being criticized for the way she treated her daughter. She didn't emphasis good eating habits, she flip flopped between giving her kid junk food just because she wanted to eat it to, and shouting her daughter down for eating things her mom was okay with the day before. Treating her daughter like that in public is also terrible. She is putting her daughter at risk for an eating disorder by allowing her to go back and forth between eating candy and barely eating. Sounds like a recipe for bulimia to me. There is nothing wrong with helping your child lose weight, but do it by setting a good example.
BettyJoMinardiJr BettyJoMinardiJr 5 years
Weight watchers :/ have u actually read the ingredients list in most of that stuff?! How about just eating clean whole foods and exercise??!
JennaHoskinson JennaHoskinson 5 years
After reading the whole story I think it's disgusting. Embarrassing your child (publicly or privately) is no way to teach them about healthy eating!! Taking away Pizza Friday b/c the daughter added a side of corn salad?! It's completely ridiculous. I feel so sad for the daughter. Yes she needed to lose the weight and yes the mom needed to do something, but I'm afraid she chose the wrong path.
alisonjackson23132 alisonjackson23132 5 years
Best decision ever ,she took matters into her hands and she did the right thing . Why not help her to lose the weight and teach her the skills that she needs to maintain it ? i cant be more pleased .Excellent job !!!!
ToniWood ToniWood 5 years
Good for her. A mom who is proactive instead of continuing to feed into a potential disease. Those who criticize are those that are not in tune to their own family's needs....
AngelineGreen AngelineGreen 5 years
I think it's wonderful to teach a child about healthy eating habits. I don't think it is wonderful to berate a child for over-indulging for a special meal at school or to deny the child dinner because of it. I also don't think it is wonderful for a mom to say to her child, "Yes, you are different now. That fat girl is a thing of the past" once the weight is lost and the child is commenting on what is actually a profound realization: It's just extra weight. I'm not saying we should allow children to continue in unhealthy eating habits or stay at an unhealthy weight. It does seem like this mom focused a bit much on the short-term goal (making sure her kid isn't fat) rather than the long-term process of being healthy and having good body image and good relationships with food and exercise for life. I think everyone wants to believe that when they obsess about weight (their own or a loved ones) they are just focusing on "health", when in truth, I think the media and our culture affect how we view it much more intensely. I can't help but wonder if when you get down to the nitty gritty, was this mom more concerned about her daughter's health or the way her daughter is viewed (and perhaps the way the mom is viewed too) by a thin-obsessed culture?
TeriRobinson TeriRobinson 5 years
Well, if you read the original story in Vogue, it's kind of ugly really. The criticism was not over the mother helping her daughter lose weight and develop healthy habits. Instead, while nearly everyone agreed childhood obesity is a serious problem that responsible, caring parents should address, most people were upset that this author berated her child, humiliated her in public and generally projected her own issues with weight and food on a seven year old (whose diet the parents still have a lot of control over). And she goes on to say it will be a lifetime struggle for her girl, which it may or may not be, but that is such a heavy burden for such a young child to bear. At the end of the piece, the girl expresses frustration (and possibly a little pain) that no one seems to see that post weight loss, she's the same person inside.
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