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Is It OK For Another Mom to Feed Your Child Fast Food on a Playdate?

One mom has a supersize bone to pick with another woman in her playgroup. The mother, who has chosen to remain anonymous, was upset to learn that her daughter dined on cheeseburgers, chips, cookies, and soda during a recent playdate. The mother was already hesitant to send her child off with this family, and we have a feeling she probably won't be letting her daughter hang out with them in the near future.

"In my family, we eat healthy food," the woman wrote on a message board. "I strongly believe that what I give my kids to eat now will set them up for a healthy future. It will also set them up for not craving sugar and fat and food that really isn't food."

On the one hand, we understand why this woman is so upset. When trying to instill healthy habits in your child, it's frustrating when another parent doesn't do the same. But if the other mother was unaware of her rules, then was she really wrong to let the child indulge?

How would you feel if another parent served your child something unhealthy? Weigh in by voting in our poll and sharing your thoughts in the comment section.

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JasmineAngel12205 JasmineAngel12205 2 years

Personally, the mom who sent her daughter on the play date should have explained that her daughter's not allowed to eat fast food, but if she wanted her to eat something particularly healthy, she should have packed it for her daughter. I have certain things that I don't want my child to eat, but I explain this to anybody who's watching my child. It's ridiculous to get mad at the person watching your child for breaking rules that they didn't know about. It's the parents' responsibility to inform whoever is taking care of the child of all their concerns.

JenniferM99648 JenniferM99648 3 years

Umm since when is a cheeseburger junk food? We feed our kids homemade burgers all the time. We include lettuce and tomatoes too. Some chips are veggie chips or baked chips... doesn't seem that awful to me. Soda is crossing a line. I drink soda but don't let my kids, bad habit that we tell when they are old enough to make that decision for themselves they can have it. I also think besides over reacting this mom should have asked what food would be served. Though play dates I generally have sent my daughters on were not at meal time. My oldest is super skinny, super picky. My middle one is skinny too but has food intolerance. Youngest is a baby so no real issues to contend with yet.

AngelaSuschena AngelaSuschena 3 years

When someone leaves their child with me, I ask if there's anything the parents don't want them doing/eating. If I leave my children, I let the other parents know about my son's allergies, but that's it. What they eat at one playdate or sleepover is fine, it's a special occasion.
It's the things I don't think I need to spell out that trip me up. Last time my daughter had a sleepover, I was told afterward that they'd decided to go to the park, and they put my daughter in the front seat with no booster. That bothered me very much. She's 8 and tall, but she's still under the legal weight limit to ride in front with no booster. Yes, I was mad, because it was a safety issue and something I didn't think needed to be explained. I did not have a fit at the other parents, though. They made a poor decision, and now I know to drop off the carseat, even if I'm not expecting them to go out.

When my daughter was 2 or 3, I let my mom keep her overnight. I found out afterwards that mom gave her a bath- with her, naked. I was upset, and I made it very clear that there was no reason at all for adults to be naked with other people's kids. We're not puritanical, but we're trying to establish limitations so the kids know when an adult is overstepping the boundaries.

A fast food meal? They normally come with burger, fries and a soda. Kids meals usually have a cookie or toy as well. So it doesn't mean they were shoving obscene amounts of junk food into the kid.

robynweinbaum robynweinbaum 3 years

none of those responses reflect my family: we don't eat fast food that often, BUT if another parent is kind enough to take my kids for they day, then as long as nothing allergic is being fed, i'm good with it. if i was that worried, i'd have spoken up beforehand or packed a sandwich.

NakiaBrown18756 NakiaBrown18756 3 years

It's perfectly understandable that you would want your child to eat healthy. However, when you hand your kids over into someone else's care, you're giving them discretion to use their own judgment when you don't give them explicit instructions. She should take this as a lesson learned, and in the future, pack food for her child, or at least leave instructions. Otherwise, how the heck were they supposed to know?!?! Not to mention, a little junk food doesn't mean the child is ruined forever!

NakiaBrown18756 NakiaBrown18756 3 years

Is it really fair to call it disrespect when the mother didn't give any instructions regarding food? I mean, some folks think of playdates as special occasions, like sleepovers. If something is that important to you, you should make it known to the parents so they can have the tools to respect your wishes.

jennifergomezfloresjones jennifergomezfloresjones 3 years

I would be a little upset. But it would be my fault. When leaving your child with someone else, you need to tell them what they can do , what they can't. What they can eat, what they can't . It's common sense!

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