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Mom's Funny Letter Board in Daughter's Messy Room

If Mom's Hilarious Letter Board Can't Get This Girl to Clean Her Room, Literally Nothing Will

Here's a clever hack you probably haven't tried to get your kid to clean their messy room? And, nope, it's not yelling or passive-aggressively saying how your child shouldn't worry, that "you enjoy picking up dirty socks and putting them in the hamper that is four inches away" and that it's in fact why you "spent nine months creating" your child in the first place.

No, it's with a whimsical letter board!

Rachael Pavlik took one stop in her kid's bedroom, discovered just how many stacked jars of slime there were, and decided the best approach was to add "my own inspirational quote to my daughter's message board."

Did it do the trick? Not likely. After posting a pic of her handiwork on Facebook, she quickly added the comment: "Taking bets on how long it takes for her to actually notice."

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