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Mom Gets $2500 Ticket After 3-Year-Old Son Urinates In Yard

Mom Gets $2500 Ticket After 3-Year-Old Son Urinates In Yard

Ashley Warden, a mom in Piedmont, Oklahoma received a $2,500 fine when her potty-training toddler, Dillian, was caught urinating in the family's front yard by a passing police officer.

Warden and her mother tried to explain to the officer that Dillian had pulled down his pants unexpectedly, to avoid peeing in his pants. But the officer didn't care. As Dillan's grandmother, Jennifer Warden told CBS Oklahoma City affiliate News 9, "I said really, he is 3 years old, and (the officer) said it doesn't matter – it's public urination.”

Read the whole story (NY Daily News) >>

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YamileSaenz YamileSaenz 4 years
Un-friggin-believable! o.O Seriously, that cop must needed to meet his daily quota! I mean a three year old pulling down his pants before the mom can stop him, it was uncontrollable at that second. Not to mention it was her freakin' yard, her property. If it was an adult man, I would completely understand, but its a little boy. My son has done the same, it happened once and I have corrected him since, but all boys will do that at some point in their little lives. I agree with Trisha-Ann Preece statement "What is this world coming to?" That cop needs to go and catch the criminals, ticket the violators of traffic law and all other laws and catch the hit and run drivers, not cite a little three year old. Ugh!
JaclynFarrell JaclynFarrell 4 years
This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of in my life! My son has peed outside many of times when her was younger.
CoMMember13629343972082 CoMMember13629343972082 4 years
I didn't get fined for it, but had another mom ATTACK me because I was going to let my 4 year old pee behind a car during the Independence day parade. She was yelling "excuse me! this is not a restroom!" I was soooo mad. Honestly, we live in the country and there was no other place around. I asked a few people around me if they knew who lived in the house so I could ask them to use their restroom, but they didn't know. What other choice did I have? I had our 10 month old with us too, and it was like a million degrees outside. I was so embarrassed for my son because mommy said it was okay, and mad someone else with children would yell like that. I'm still in shock and that was months ago. >:(
JeanieMcgee JeanieMcgee 4 years
Crazy...I hope this Mom fights this !
slashbrook slashbrook 4 years
What's next, public nudity charges on the next toddler that takes off during a diaper changing. What a load of crap. I hope she fights this and it gets thrown out.
MelBroadwood MelBroadwood 4 years
That's really sad.
TaraPaisley TaraPaisley 4 years
My children have not peed outside that I am aware of. However, if we are out and about they either will hold it until we get in a bathroom or will pee on themselves. I even have them walk all the way to the bathroom when we go camping.... Now my son has some developmental issues and will sometimes come out before he is done and does not always close the door behind him..... He is a work in progress. Also it was always easier in my mind to explain that there is one place to go to the bathroom, and that is in a bathroom ( Instead of it is ok to go outside here but not there.)
CorrieHaskell CorrieHaskell 4 years
This is pathetic! I would have be fined A LOT more than that this summer when I was training my 2 1/2 year old. So sad how black and white some people can be. RELAX! Life is too short!
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