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After Being Told She Was in False Labor, This Mom Got the Biggest Surprise of Her Life

After experiencing labor pains for three days, Zakeria Richardson-Flory was told she was experiencing what is referred to as "false labor," or irregular contractions that feel a whole lot like the real deal. The expecting mother decided to head to the hospital when something changed. "I was like, wait something's happening! He was in my hands!" she told Pittsburgh's KDKA.

Yes, Zakeria had given birth 11 weeks early after her labor pains were misdiagnosed as false labor. Her husband, John Richardson-Flory, described the whirlwind experience. "I was on the phone with an emergency dispatcher. He's trying to talk us through everything," he said. "Before I could say anything else, we're holding him in our arms."

The dispatcher was fortunately able to give the couple some advice, and they successfully delivered their son, Jahkiye Richardson. "He came out. He was breathing on his own. He was crying. His heart was strong," Zakeria said.

Jahkiye will have to stay in the hospital for a few weeks given his premature birth; however, he no longer needs a breathing tube and is making rapid progress. The couple's friends and family were just as surprised by the unexpected delivery. John said, "They expected her to be in labor, and they're even surprised themselves because they see us holding a little baby boy."

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