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Mom Gives Daughter Marijuana Pills to Combat Chemo; Dad Objects

Mom Gives Daughter Marijuana Pills to Combat Chemo; Dad Objects

Oregon mom Erin Purchase is in the news for giving her seven-year-old daughter marijuana pills to combat the effects of chemotherapy. Purchase's daughter, Mykayla Comstock, is Oregon's youngest medical marijuana user, and her father, Jesse Comstock, who works in North Dakota, is not happy about it. Citing his belief that she will beat the cancer and the potential effects of the drug on her development, he has tried to get officials to intervene, but because Oregon doesn't have laws regulating the medical use of the drug for minors, no one can legally prevent his ex wife from using it to medicate their daughter.

Mykayla has had up to 1.2 grams a day, which is the equivalent of 10 joints within a 24-hour period, a dose which her last oncologist called inappropriate. Purchase disagrees; she believes the marijuana is not only helping her daughter return to a sense of normalcy, but that as a mother, she's obligated to try everything she can to help her child.

Read the whole story (NY Daily News) >>

What would you do if your spouse gave your child a medical treatment you objected to?

Image Source: Beth Nakamura/The Oregonian

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TracieDumm TracieDumm 4 years
How skewed is our perception when we think nothing of pumping a child full of deadly chemicals but balk at giving her an herb?
ChristyBrown53782 ChristyBrown53782 4 years
Love Crystal's comment. My brother had cancer and being grown he choose to smoke it but without doing so he could not bring his self to eat especially the few days after treatment. The fact is all treatments have some sort of side effect be it man made or natural. The question is does the treatment benefits out way the side effects (or damage thereof)? The treatment for the cancer is way worse on the body and mind than the Marijuana. Scientific fact. This child is old enough (in my option) to give her own option on her treatment to some extent. She is the one suffering and the most important thing in the situation. While you are passing judgement on the mother keep in mind she is doing ANYTHING possible to save her child and give her a life.
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