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Mom Goes on Strike for a Week (PHOTO)

Mom Goes on Strike for a Week (PHOTO)

Can a mom do too much for her kids?

After realizing that the mess in her house was never her doing, a mom decided to teach her children a lesson. Yes, Jessica Stilwell, of Calgary, Canada, went on strike. For six days the mother of three girls did no “picking up, tidying, washing, cleaning, clearing, reminding or nagging.”

Stilwell spent the week chronicling her strike, first on Facebook, and then on a blog called Striking Mom, where she wrote, "I realized I was doing my own children a dis-service. I was setting them up for failure. I fear we are raising a generation of young people whose attitudes will be 'What are you going to do for me?"

Read the whole story to find out what happened (Today Moms)>>

Image Source: Today Moms

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RosaLuke RosaLuke 4 years
its rediculious, teach your kids to pick up after themselves. I was raised in a family of 17 brothers and sisters and we all learned at an early age to clean up after ourselves my parents would never allow us to to dump and run. my grandkids learned at the age of 2 to dress themselves and make their beds. sit your kids down and discuss the rules.
JamieSmith21115 JamieSmith21115 4 years
I see my friends with sons do it all the time!! I married a man whose mom did EVERYTHING and he acted like a guest in his own home. Couldn't even tell you where the glasses were kept!!! I had chores to go as a kid and try to make my own 2 daughters do them as well. They hate it and grumble all the time, but I just tell them it's part of being a family and living in a house together.
RodethVidal RodethVidal 4 years
Its a good thing I raised a responsible 9year old daughter... She can do all household chores that she can immediately pitch in for me when I'm sick or very tired from work. She even exceeded my training for her.. she can nurse her diabetic grandfather-administers insulin shots, she can take care of her 2year old brother, and feed the pets (birds, chickens and our dogs!). I started letting her help me out when she was 2 when I read from an article that I shouldn't treat it as pestering when she plays with what I do when I'm doing chores but to teach her how to do them correctly so she'll remember them by instinct. That's the best parenting advice I ever received!
JoanMasover JoanMasover 4 years
OMG Tricia, please tell us that your story had a happy ending! How long ago did CPS take your kids away? I did a toned-down version of that once - took all the dishes away except one per person and marked them: one large plate, one small plate, one bowl, one mug, one glass. Got rid of the paper stuff. They had to wash it or do without. Also quit doing the kids' laundry, but didn't fuss about whether they folded it or not. They did their own and wore wrinkled clothes, and still do now that they're in their 20s. They are very successful in their school life & careers & social lives, and when they have an important occasion, well, then they get rid of the wrinkles! Life's too short!
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