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Mom Goes Undercover to Save 14-Year-Old Daughter (VIDEO)

Mom Goes Undercover to Save 14-Year-Old Daughter (VIDEO)

After her daughter ran away from home about a month ago, Arron Kimbrell made two upsetting discoveries: the 14-year-old was dating a 29-year-old man and that she had become a prostitute. So this Indianapolis mom decided to take matters into her own hands and rescue her teen.

Kimbrell used a new cellphone to text her daughter, posing as a client. She scheduled a meeting at a Motel 6 where police busted the teenage girl. The arrest led inspectors to James Martin, the 29-year-old pimp who had forced the girl into prostitution. As Fox59 reports, the relieved mom described the rescue of her daughter as "just overwhelming. It was the best feeling."

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Do you know anyone whose child has run away?

Image Source: Fox 59

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DianneGreenrainey DianneGreenrainey 5 years
I take my hat off to you Mom!
KimberlyMagee KimberlyMagee 5 years
That's great that she is safe, but how did it get to a point where she was dating a 29 year old pimp? I do not understand this.
MichelleGRIFFINFranks MichelleGRIFFINFranks 5 years
More Mom,s need to get involved in their daughters Lives instead of turning their backs on them. Kudos to a Real Mom
TerrieHumphries TerrieHumphries 5 years
I am glad this mother took the initiative to help her teen daughter and it is quite easy for teens to get out of their mothers radar today especially if parents are having to work. It is hard to watch them every moment of the day. However, I do agree with some of you that the child's name should not have been used but chances are, the story was probably already out and other teens already knew about the situation before the mother did. This was probably not the first time this guy came around this childs area pimping.
MischelBrooks MischelBrooks 5 years
Go mom, no matter if she did get out of mothers redar, because we all work, mom did what she did to get her girl back. Dont be a downer. GO MOM
GingerMaughan GingerMaughan 5 years
I would like to share this but i agree with the comment take then name out of the artical
TanyaEdwards41890 TanyaEdwards41890 5 years
It's wonderful that the girl was rescued by her mother, for sure. However, how did this girl get into such a situation to begin with? Where was she when this happened? Basically, she shouldn't have been out of her mother's radar long enough for that to happen.
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