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With Mom Gone, Toddler Nurses Directly From a Cow (PHOTO)

With Mom Gone, Toddler Nurses Directly From a Cow (PHOTO)

A Cambodian man says his grandson has lived partly on milk he suckles directly from a cow since last July. After 20-month-old Tha Sophat's parents moved to Thailand in search of work, the little boy started suckling a cow when he saw a calf do the same. His grandfather tried pulling him away but the boy kept going back. Tha has been living with his grandparents in a rural village in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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Image Source: Heng Sinith / AP via SF Chronicle

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nikkifranks nikkifranks 5 years
well if thats what he needed to do to survive im sure i wouldnt be worrying about the cleanliness of something if it came to life or death.
PamDunn PamDunn 5 years
awwwww what a sweetpea ♥ I just wanna pick him up and feed him my milk too~ you know its pictures like this that break my heart just a little, the world is so unbalanced, how we have so much but these places dont, I just wish every child had a warm house to live in with clean clothes, lots of food and milk and lotsa love....
EurekaWhite EurekaWhite 5 years
I think this is a wonderful story, that lil boy is probably healthier than our children with the best of the best, his body had probably gotten use to the dirt, or my he wipe it off before, children in other countries don't need or has grown up with all the fancy medicines like the United States and studies show they are much more healthier and you hardly see a over weight child..I love this story
AbigailMcClure AbigailMcClure 5 years
I personally think this is amazing. We all use what is available to us. I agree that it would make more sense for it to be a goat (easier on digestion) and maybe wipe a nipple down before letting him at it. But either way it is better then starving and he is getting a lot of vitamins! I personally think we should all go back to "farm" life.
LieslCronje LieslCronje 5 years
sorry for posting twice.. my apologies - how can i delete the duplicate?
LieslCronje LieslCronje 5 years
I live in Cambodia - in the Capital Phnom Penh (no I am not Cambodian). I think the child was very hungry and very ingenious for his age, seeing what the animals did to get food and to help himself. The grandfather also reported that the child is not sick and does not suffer from Diaharee. I don't know if anyone can think back (even in US's history) surely some have grown up on the farm... and there your children would do exactly the same (right?) also suckle on the cow. But it would be perceived as playful even cute and fun... " look what Bonny is doing... isn't she cute..." but now because a boy who is nursing for sustenance it is so wrong! .. why? he fell ill after his other left - as he didn't have enough food. Do you know how much villagers can get in country side. do you know how much they live off - if they are lucky. If they are lucky they can earn U$D1 per day. Can you feed your family on that price ????? The cow will probably have some dirt on her - but possibly nothing the little boys immune system cannot cope with. I applaud this little boy for his age and hope he will grow to become a wise and well know man to help the world 1 day. And as for shame in his older years ... who didn't drink from a cow when living on the farm OR visiting a kiddies farm yard ??
KimberlieJoJordan KimberlieJoJordan 5 years
Well I least he is drinking something and not starving for something to drink or eat.
AmandaLuther76517 AmandaLuther76517 5 years
that kid is gonna get fat! lol.. cowns milk is just like our milk. it changed to help the needs of gorwing. but a calf grows at a much faster pace.. and that kid is gonna get huge!
CoMMember13630646353699 CoMMember13630646353699 5 years
He needs a goat. The milk is much easier to digest and is delicious.
CoMMember13611879269316 CoMMember13611879269316 5 years
thats awesome! very healthy! maybe a little dirty.... =0)
CoMMember13627170426265 CoMMember13627170426265 5 years
Sorry for the triple post!
CoMMember13627170426265 CoMMember13627170426265 5 years
Good for him! The little guy is the same age as my son. I am glad to see that he is resourceful and has good instincts.
CoMMember13631154642254 CoMMember13631154642254 5 years
Clean NO, healthy as in getting his vitamins VERY, and it shows you the basic carnal instinct that small children poses.. Its amazing the power of discernment that small children have.. People say we get smarter as we get older but I whole heartedly think that in all actuallity we get more ignorant. We have all the important skills built in and they are on auto pilot as we are small babies we just start "over thinking" things as we get older... This is amazing.
KatieBona KatieBona 5 years
mmm... sounds dirty. The chances that the cow are clean is slim... but it's not the U.S. we are talking about where we steam sterilize our bottles and sippy cups... it's probably just as healthy as anything else he is eating or drinking. Resourceful little boy!
JenniferHughes96407 JenniferHughes96407 5 years
Is that healthy?
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